How Tall Is Eric Trump?

The one thing you can say about the Trump family is that most of them are looming figures. Donald Trump has made a career out of dominating the media, first as a New York real estate developer who would frequently find himself fodder for the city's gossip pages. When he chose to run for president, he dominated every news cycle since the day he descended his golden escalator on June 16, 2015, and continues to dominate it today, even from his golf club in Palm Beach, Florida nearly a year after his presidency ended. Both his ability to capture attention with the outrageous things that he says and his domineering height of 6'3" (via Slate) have worked as an advantage in staying at the forefront of minds.

His oldest son, Donald Trump, Jr. also casts a looming figure at 6'1" (via Town & Country), while making sure to get his own media-dominating word out there via social media and some cable news stations. The former president's youngest son, Barron Trump, is perhaps the tallest Trump of all, at 6'7" at just 15 years old as of publication, according to The New York Post. But for a while, middle son Eric Trump was the tallest of the Trump boys.

Eric Trump is taller than his father and older brother

Eric Trump is Donald Trump's youngest child with his first wife, Ivana Trump, who herself is a very tall woman at 5'11" (via Famous Births Deaths). In 2013, Eric was very proud to announce his tall stature in a tweet when podcaster Ryan Raventhal commented on his stature while watching "Celebrity Apprentice," the NBC reality show Donald Trump hosted until he announced his presidential candidacy.

"Wow @EricTrump is tall," Raventhal tweeted. "On TV anyway he looks almost equal height standing as the great @pennjillette who's like 6' 6" tall #CelebApprentice." Eric was quick to point out that he was almost as tall as comedian and magician Penn Jillette, but it was no cigar. "Close! I'm 6'5"," Eric responded, while even receiving a reply from Jillette himself, as he tweeted, "He seems my height."

Since then, his baby brother has clearly overtaken him in the height department, but Eric will always have the distinct honor of being the second tallest Trump son.