What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Forehead

While the majority of your moles develop through childhood and adolescence, according to My Skin Centre, there's still a possibility that you'll discover new moles on your body as you age. This is typically a result of significant time spent in the sun, but can also be caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

It's important to keep an eye on each new mole that forms, as there is a chance for it to be cancerous. This is especially pertinent in the case of sun exposure, as the UV light emitted from its rays can cause skin cells to develop abnormally resulting in melanoma, according to the NHS. But for the vast majority of people, these marks are benign and can actually fade over time.

And in some cultures, moles can hold important symbolism that says a lot about your personality. This is especially true for moles you have in specific areas of your face, including your forehead.

A mole on your forehead can signify wisdom as well as luck in wealth

According to Your Chinese Astrology, a mole on the forehead can be the marker of an overall difficult life. But don't get too down — the position of the mole plays a big part. And no matter what, a forehead mole has a lot to say about your financial situation, and usually in a positive light. 

Different spots on your forehead have different meanings. If the beauty mark is in the center of your forehead, it can actually signify maturity and financial success, as well as a "peaceful and happy" adulthood. Cosmopolitan India suggests that, in general, a mole on your forehead represents wealth — especially if it's in the middle. Here, a mole can signify wisdom, and suggest that you're clear-headed and determined. However, according to the Daily Mail, this position can also mean you're struggling to listen to people in authority.

In certain Hindu beliefs, according to The Asian Parent (via Yahoo! Life), a mole on the right side of your forehead can indicate that you'll be rich and worldly, though a mole on the left side can suggest that you hold on tight to that cash. And on the sides of your forehead, per the Daily Mail, a mole can show just how driven you are.

As for what a forehead mole says about your romantic life, there are two opposing thoughts there. While Your Chinese Astrology suggests that for women, a beauty mark on the forehead can represent a hard romantic life, Cosmopolitan India actually thinks it could signify a happy, healthy marriage.