What Does It Mean When You Have A Mole On Your Stomach?

Ah, moles. While we all wish we could rock them as iconically as Marilyn Monroe, sometimes they're just, well, there. If none of your moles are changing colors, hurting, or itching, then your moles are fine to just be left alone (via Cleveland Clinic). Actually, they could mean more about your personality than they do about your health.

According to the Times of India, there are astrological ties to mole placement on your body. Just like reading your horoscope or figuring out your star chart, the moles on your body could tell you more about yourself. The mole placement all along your body means something oddly specific about your personality and your relationship to the world. Who knew that one beauty mark could say so much?

It turns out that the placement of your stomach mole has a correlation to your wallet. According to the Times of India, the placement of a mole on your stomach tells you a lot about how you like to make your money. If you haven't checked your moles' potential meanings — and if the doctor told you they were fine — you might want to know. So here's more on those stomach moles. 

A mole on the right side of your body means wealth and love

Go ahead and look down at your stomach, because it's time to figure out if your mole is on the right side or the left. If you've got little dots on your right side, you're in luck. According to the Times of India, if you've got moles on the right side of your stomach, you'll find good wealth in your life. If you've ever been one to worry about that brown dot on your stomach, this should ease your worries a bit.

The good luck doesn't just stop there though. A mole on the right side of your stomach could also mean that you will win over partners easily (via On Manorama). That could have to do with the fact that you're also rich, but who are we to assume? All in all, the two predictions pair up pretty nicely.

There is a downside when it comes to moles being on your right side. Apparently, this could also mean that you have some drama in your life, according to the Times of India. To be completely honest, even if you're not superstitious, that aligns pretty well. With money and love comes the drama, right?

Left side stomach moles mean the exact opposite

Unfortunately, the left side doesn't get the love when it comes to reading your moles. The opposite side of your body means the exact opposite of what the left side was. That means people tend to be more jealous and are all about making money quickly, according to the Times of India

According to Cosmopolitan, the closer to the mole is to the navel the more success you will see in your life. The publication states that the navel is extremely important astrologically, which makes this true. So, even if your mole is on the left side, you could still be lucky in life. It also could mean that you won a lot of land and are a loud mouth (via On Manorama). That's a little all over the place, but the correlation between making money fast and owning land isn't completely unrelated. 

While this astrological mole reading is not worth running out and getting them removed over, it is fun to see what your moles say about your personality. At the end of the day, a mole is a mole — unless, you know, it's on the right because then you'll be rich. Wink, wink.