Here's What Tiger King's Tim Stark Is Up To Today

If you watched the first season of "Tiger King," you likely were left with a sour taste in your mouth from the so-called "animal sanctuary" caretakers. One who was especially upsetting was Tim Stark (via Ready Steady Cut). Stark claimed to run a non-profit called Wildlife in Need, which was based out of Indiana.

He became popular in the explosive "zoo" industry by allowing guests to have hands-on experience with baby tigers. He also was actively breeding his animals. These are two red flags that most reputable animal sanctuaries do not allow (via PETA).

According to Stark, he opened his zoo in 1999 stating his facility is "dedicated to the rehabilitation & release of indigenous wildlife & provision of safe harbor to an array of exotic & endangered species" (via IndyStar). Clearly, he failed at his mission. You will get to see more of Stark during the second season of Netflix's famed series, "Tiger King," but what exactly is Stark up to now?

Stark has spent much of his time in court since Tiger King aired

Stark may have been a minor character during the first season of "Tiger King," but his life following the show hasn't been easy. His fall from grace has been so intense that he will play a major role in the second season of "Tiger King" (via Bustle).

Since we last saw Stark, he attempted to go into business with another star from the series, Jeff Lowe. If you recall, Lowe took over the zoo when Joe Exotic went to prison. That didn't work out because after the treatment his animals endured at his facility in Indiana, Stark was banned from ever owning or exhibiting exotic or native animals (via Distractify).

Now, Stark has been in and out of court. PETA filed a lawsuit against Stark and won. He was ordered to pay $734,000 to the animal rights organization. He was also charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act and his facility was charged $300,000. Stark was also fined $40,000 in civil penalties. It has not been easy to be Stark following "Tiger King."

Stark has since filed bankruptcy and took to Facebook Live where he was waving a gun around and talking about how he wasn't mentally well anymore following all of these events. He was taken into custody and his license to carry a handgun was suspended.