What Does The Chariot Card Mean In Tarot?

For those who are into spirituality, we can now download an app, watch a YouTube video, or subscribe to new moon cycles to connect with the universe and ourselves. Of course, the tried-and-true Tarot is another tool to further self-reflection. Invented in Italy in the 1430s, per Britannica, tarot decks consist of 78 cards replete with symbolism that can help guide your future.

Of these cards, 22 are categorized as major arcana cards — they give you insight into long-term goals and themes in your life, like where your career might go or how your love life may manifest. The rest are minor arcana cards, which delve into every day details: is this particular job right for you? Should you dump him? While tarot isn't a fortune-telling tool, the randomness in a reading can reveal things only you can understand about yourself. If you've been shuffling your tarot deck and finding the Chariot card a few too many times, here's what it could mean.

The Chariot card wants you take charge

The Chariot card is a major arcana card, so if it shows up in a tarot card reading, it's pointing to an overarching theme in your life. You'll be able to identify the card by the imagery: a brave warrior sits on a chariot, holding a wand. (Most likely, it's going to also say "The Chariot," so it will be pretty easily identifiable.) The wand signifies the fact that the warrior controls the chariot with the strength of his will, per Biddy Tarot, as it's a "card of willpower, determination, and strength."

Depending on the spread and context of the other cards, the Chariot card could mean that you need to be more decisive about something or that you should take action. If it's a career reading, maybe you're being called to start your small business. For a love reading, it could ask you to reevaluate the control issues in your relationship, according to A Little Spark of Joy.

You could also look to astrology, as both systems of divination correspond with each other. The Chariot card is represented by the zodiac sign Cancer, which means that you should take the reins on how you set your boundaries and protect yourself, as noted by Bustle. While the card can take on different meanings in readings, the main takeaway is that the Chariot card wants you to assert yourself.