The Difference Between Meghan Markle's Two Big Interviews Has Twitter In A Tizzy

Meghan Markle's recent interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" shocked viewers in more ways than one. Prince Harry and Meghan are notoriously private and intentional about what they reveal to the media, so the news that Meghan was appearing sans her other half got everyone's attention.

From pranking unsuspecting bystanders to her relaxed body language, Express pointed on that Meghan's November 18 interview with Ellen DeGeneres had a decidedly lighter tone than her bombshell tell-all with Oprah Winfrey. Human behavior and body language expert Mark Bowden's commentary on her demeanor during the "Oprah" interview was markedly different. Her hand movements portrayed her as more withdrawn and hesitant to share, whereas she seemed very comfortable opening up to Ellen.

According to E!, Meghan showed off her sense of humor while recounting her early acting days, which Ellen herself teased in a tweet. "A lot has changed since the last time Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, was on the Warner Brothers lot," Ellen wrote, referring to the days when Markle went to numerous auditions for TV and film projects. 

The laughter, pleasant memories, and lightheartedness of the daytime talk show appearance starkly contrasted Markle's two-hour TV special with Oprah back in March 2021, and many viewers picked up on the glaring difference.

Meghan Markle's Ellen interview has the internet divided

Meghan Markle's "Ellen" interview inspired many reactions that were split down the middle. Some praised how her down-to-earth personality shone through, while others questioned the motives behind her interview. Metro UK called her decision to appear on "Ellen" a "misfire."

Many viewers immediately turned to Twitter to comment on the drastic differences between her two major appearances. In one tweet, a fan showed full support for the Duchess and referenced Meghan's experience in Buckingham Palace, writing, "Ellen has my girl acting a fool. Meghan is so fun, please those vipers in England couldn't deminsh [sic] her," while another fan tweeted, "Meghan was always up for a good laugh. I'am [sic] happy to see her back like this."

But not everyone was on board with this interview's jovial vibe. One user tweeted that Markle showed more emotion talking to Ellen DeGeneres than she did with Oprah Winfrey, writing, "Just from the start, it seems that Meghan has far more intense emotions with Ellen than when talking to Oprah about her 'tortured life' in the UK It must be that she's talking about the 'life she left behind...'" We wonder what kind of mood Meghan Markle will be in for her next TV appearance!