Dating Around Season 3 - Details We Know So Far

Netflix is fast becoming our go-to source for wild and wacky dating shows. From "Sexy Beasts" to "Too Hot to Handle," there's no shortage of romantic reality TV to binge. 

Per The Cinemaholic, in February 2019, the streaming service debuted its latest take, "Dating Around," a show that follows participants as they go on multiple first dates — all blind dates, of course — in an attempt to discover the person they feel most connected to. Fans rallied behind "Dating Around," cheering its authentic approach and lack of heavily produced storylines. 

In fact, it quickly became one of Netflix's most-watched dating shows of the year, with a second season following a little over a year later, in June 2020. Once again, fans flocked to "Dating Around." 

There's been a significant gap between the release of Season 2 and any kind of definitive news on Season 3, but, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic didn't stop "Dating Around" from airing and the show is insanely popular with viewers, it's reasonable to assume a third installment is on the way. 

This is everything we know about "Dating Around" Season 3 so far.

When is Season 3 of 'Dating Around' expected to arrive?

As Bustle notes, Netflix hasn't officially confirmed a third season of "Dating Around." However, the fact that showrunners managed to film and release a previous season with the COVID-19 pandemic raging should give viewers hope that the show hasn't been killed yet. Likewise, people are hungrier for this kind of content than ever before, with many restrictions still in place worldwide. 

Vulture spoke to Netflix's chief of unscripted programming, Brandon Riegg, in 2020, and he confirmed that the streaming giant was making a real effort to focus more on its reality TV programming.

"Part of the goal is, we're trying to provide something for everyone," he explained. "And unscripted is probably the broadest content genre that's out there, right? It's everything from game shows to docuseries to these big competition formats. We're working hard to get all of that covered and do the best shows in those various categories." 

The second season of "Dating Around" was filmed around October 2019, per Bustle, meaning there was an eight-month wait for it to debut. As a result, it's entirely possible that Netflix is filming the third season before announcing it officially.

Who will be looking for love on Season 3 of 'Dating Around'?

"Dating Around" is unique compared to many of its dating show counterparts because, as Next Season TV notes, the featured participants run the gamut of ages, genders, races, and sexual orientations. As Netflix's "first original dating series," the show also has a big reputation to live up to. 

The overall outlook on "Dating Around" is based on quantity over quality with the reasoning that the more dates everybody goes on, the more likely they are to meet their match. Each episode follows an unlucky-in-love singleton who ventures out on five dates filled with either intense awkwardness or laidback chats and flirty glances across the table. 

The moments of true chemistry between each potential couple are just as captivating as when it's clear that there's no love connection. At the end of it all, the single chooses which person they'd most like to see again. 

Netflix Life confirms that Season 1 of "Dating Around" was filmed in New York City and Season 2 in New Orleans, so it remains to be seen which city producers will head to next. It could be yours! 

What's the track record like on 'Dating Around'?

Most dating shows focus on the drama generated by participants fighting, but "Dating Around" strives to create genuine love connections. How long do these potential couples last once the show finishes filming, though? 

According to Men's Health, Season 1's Luke and Victoria didn't go the distance, though they remain friends, while Gurki actually fell for one of the show's directors. Elsewhere, Lex, the first gay dater featured on the series, has found love with someone besides Cory, whom he chose on the show. (Cory also has a new partner.)

It's unclear whether middle-aged sweethearts Leonard and Dianna are still going strong since neither of them has a public social media account. Sarah, meanwhile, is currently single after failing to make it work with her chosen suitor, Matt. Likewise, Charlotte and Mila couldn't make things work, either, and Charlotte is now even engaged to somebody else. 

Out of the "Dating Around" Season 2 contestants, Refinery 29 confirms that the only couple that managed to stick it out after the show is Heather and Ernesto. Everybody else has split up since, though several of the participants — namely Deva and Maria, Brandon and Justin, and Demi and Zach — remain on friendly terms. 

The show's track record might not be great, but we think its heart is firmly in the right place.