Why Madison Prewett Says She Will Never Return To The Bachelor Franchise

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Bachelor Nation is an entire empire dedicated to selling the fantasy of an ideal partner; the shows "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are winding narratives of love between a perfect person and their many potential partners. However, when the season ends, the highly-edited charade ends as well. Madison Prewett, a contestant in Season 24 of "The Bachelor," continues telling her story — without producers — in her book, "Made for This Moment: Standing Firm with Strength, Grace, and Courage."

Prewett was one of the three finalists in the reality show hoping to be engaged to Peter Weber, along with Victoria F and Hannah Ann. They were on Week 10, where each could opt to end their date in the Fantasy Suite. Prewett, who planned to abstain from sex before marriage, per MeAww, had previously mentioned to Weber that she would potentially walk away if he got intimate with the other women. Regardless, Weber took both Victoria and Hannah Ann to the suite on their dates — and Prewett made the bold decision to leave the show, mid-season.

Looking back, Prewett told Page Six, "That was probably one of the hardest, lowest, darkest, loneliest moments of my life. That week was torturous, honestly." She continued,"But at the same time, I had to stay true to myself and I had to keep my standards high." Prewett reveals more of her relationship with Weber and her Christian faith in her book — while stating why she may not return to the show.

Madison Prewett hopes to find love organically

After Madison Prewett left "The Bachelor," she knew she wanted to speak about her experience. "Right when I came off the show, I had so many opportunities to speak out. To use my voice and make my story known, what I went through and what I felt," she told Access Hollywood. "But what I really felt I was supposed to do was, rather instead of just speaking about it, was to write all of it down, in a way that later on, it would be beautiful and of value to people."

While promoting her book, she was asked about whether she'd ever return to the reality show and she said, "I love the franchise; I still keep up with those in the franchise. I did, in fact, turn down opportunities to go on the show and we'll leave it at that," she added. "I'm fine, I'm okay and I'd love to find love the organic way, if possible."

However, she did tell Page Six that "you never know what the future holds," and that "it would take a whole lot of Godly men for me to turn my head and be like, 'Oh, okay!'" Nevertheless, she reiterates: "It's not something that's really on my radar. There's been talks in the past with the franchise but if that's something that were to continue, there would have to be a lot of conversations."