The Untold Truth Of The Bachelor's Madison Prewett

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett made her reality TV debut on Peter Weber's season of ABC's hit reality dating show, which premiered on Jan. 6, 2020. The start of the season no doubt delighted viewers who had fallen in love with Weber during his run as a fan-favorite contestant on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette. While Bachelor Nation was excited to watch Weber finally find lasting love on national television, the pilot's season ultimately proved to be more dramatic than romantic. However, amidst all of the drama, yelling matches, and mascara tears, contestant Madison Prewett immediately stood out from the rest as the frontrunner for Weber's heart.


An Alabama native, Prewett quickly became a favorite among Bachelor viewers for the way she carefully managed to avoid getting caught up in spats with her fellow contestants and instead remained focused on her blossoming relationship with Weber. Unfortunately for her, she wound up dealing with her own drama later in the season. Here's the untold truth of The Bachelor's Madison Prewett.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett is a beast on the basketball court

On the very first episode of Peter Weber's Bachelor season, viewers were treated to glimpses inside the lives of some of the women competing for the pilot's heart. One of those women was The Bachelor's Madison Prewett, the Alabama gal who immediately made it clear she was ready to shoot her shot — literally. 


Prewett's Bachelor intro video featured the contestant showing off her tremendous basketball skill on the court, shooting and scoring hoops alongside her father — Auburn University's director of basketball operations, Chad Prewett. She also took the opportunity to show off her basketball championship rings, revealing that she and her high school basketball team won not just one, but four state championships. According to, Prewett was even a three-time All-State honoree for her performance on the basketball court. 

While Prewett's prime playing days may be behind her now, we're almost positive she'd still dominate on the court.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett won big on another TV show

While her run on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor might technically have served as her primetime television debut, The Bachelor wasn't the first nationally televised show on which Madison Prewett appeared. According to, Prewett's actual television debut happened when the Bachelor contestant took home a significant chunk of change on the long-running daytime game show The Price Is Right. The episode, which aired in April 2018, featured an incredibly excited Prewett winning $8,000 in a game of "Put It in the Bag." 


Speaking with, Prewett revealed she and her mother bought tickets for the show on a whim, but ended up arriving to The Price Is Right set later than their scheduled time. However, the two women were allowed to attend a later taping — a turn of events Prewett feels was fate. "We just had this weird feeling that something was going to happen ... that one of us was going to get called up," The Bachelor's Madison Prewett revealed. Apparently, this girl has some killer instincts. 

Madison Prewett's Bachelor debut was followed by some "genuine and real" drama

While Madison Prewett was a frontrunner from the first episode of Peter Weber's Bachelor season, a mysterious Instagram comment caused some fans to believe Prewett had created an Instagram fan account for herself to seem like even more of a fan favorite.


The social media saga began in January 2020 when fans noticed Madison had left a comment under a photo she'd posted from her first date with Weber, writing, "Beautiful date, Madi. You are so genuine and real." Immediately, fans began to speculate the contestant had mistakenly failed to use her rumored fan account to leave the comment, as reported by Cosmopolitan. Later, a friend of Prewett's responded to the comment, writing, "Oops. Thought I wrote that comment about being real [and] genuine from my account, but was logged into Madi's from when she got back from filming." Moments later, Prewett replied, "Hahahahaha, you're good. It happens. I love youuuu."

However, according to a fan account, it was Prewett's sisters who left the "genuine and real" comment (via BuzzFeed). Unfortunately, it seems as though we may never uncover the "genuine and real" truth of the matter. 


Madison Prewett's faith played a major role on The Bachelor

During Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season — in which Peter Weber made his franchise debut — contestant Luke Parker was vocal about his Christian faith, even taking Brown to meet members of his church. And, as The Bachelor's Madison Prewett told Weber during their second one-on-one date, her Christian faith is also of utmost importance to the contestant, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.


During their dinner date in Lima, Peru, Prewett talked to Weber about her faith, saying, "It's literally my whole life, and, like, all of who I am." Weber responded by telling Prewett he does have faith, but admitted, "I do feel like my faith could be stronger."

While this seemed to be Prewett and Weber's first in-depth conversation about faith, the official ABC bio released for Prewett at the beginning of the season revealed the contestant was looking for "a man who will prioritize faith and family before everything else." And, according to her bio, the contestant was "hoping to find someone who shares the same religious values that she and her family have." 

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett believes her "God-given purpose" is ministry

According to the official ABC bio of The Bachelor's Madison Prewett, her big dream in life is "to travel the world and spread love through missionary work." And while this particular dream seemingly didn't come up in conversation with Bachelor Peter Weber on the show, a quick Internet search reveals Prewett has long dreamed of helping others through faith-based missionary work. 


As noted by Cosmopolitan, Prewett went to seminary school at Highlands College, which bills itself as a "Biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the church with leaders to fulfill the Great Commission." In a since-deleted YouTube video transcribed by Cosmopolitan, Prewett opened up about her experience at Highlands and plans for the future, saying, "About three months ago, the Lord just spoke to me and I had this revelation and realized in that moment what my God-given purpose was, and that's ministry."

Prewett continued, saying, "In any way, shape, or form, I know that [ministry] is what the Lord has called me to do."

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett was a world traveler before she joined Peter Weber's season

Considering Peter Weber made it clear that he planned to continue in his career as a commercial pilot after The Bachelor, which he did indeed do after his season wrapped, it was safe to assume that his perfect match would need to have a love and appreciation for travel and adventure. Of course, it's not exactly difficult to find young single women willing to jet off to exciting locales at a moment's notice. Many of the women who competed for Weber's heart on his season of The Bachelor expressed their interest in traveling the world with the pilot, including Madison Prewett. 


"[Peter's] someone who seems like he can have fun and go on, like, fun adventures... obviously, with his job," Prewett said in her Bachelor intro package. She continued, "And I love to travel, so I would be so down for that."

If her Instagram is any indication, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett is already quite the world traveler. In addition to spending time in Hawaii with her family, the Bachelor contestant also spent some time in 2018 venturing throughout Africa and Ireland.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett is passionate about helping children

As revealed by Madison Prewett's official ABC bio, the Bachelor contestant works as a foster parent recruiter. In that position, it's likely Prewett searches for, meets with, and interviews potential foster parents. However, Prewett doesn't plan on staying stagnant and working as a foster parent recruiter forever. Instead, according to her bio, Prewett intends to open an orphanage in the future. "Madison loves working with foster kids and wants to open an orphanage one day," the bio reads. Makes sense, as her LinkedIn page once boasted that Prewett is "passionate about making a difference in any way [she] can," as reported by Cosmopolitan.


In a since-removed video on her YouTube channel, according to Cosmopolitan, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett even featured a montage chronicling the contestant's missionary work with Ugandan children. Clearly, Prewett is one to turn her thoughts into actions. 

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett has two sisters

As any Bachelor fan knows, Peter Weber's season was fraught with drama from the very beginning. From the admittedly laughable "Champagne-gate" fight between contestants Kelsey Weier and Hannah Ann Sluss to the rivalry between contestants Sydney Hightower and Alayah Benavidez, the women competing for Weber's heart simply couldn't seem to get along. However, Madison Prewett was one contestant who somehow managed to mostly stay out of the house drama and remain well-liked among the other women. 


While it's impossible to know for sure, there's a good chance Prewett's experience growing up with two sisters equipped her with the skillset necessary to live in close quarters with her fellow Bachelor contestants and remain cool, calm, and collected. According to Prewett's father's staff directory bio on the Auburn Tigers website, the Alabama native has two sisters — Mallory and Mary Mykal Prewett. And according to the Bachelor contestant's Instagram, her siblings are two of the most significant and special people in her life — as well as her favorite people to pose with for pictures

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett is really close to her dad

While she went on TV to compete for Bachelor Peter Weber's heart, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett made it clear to both viewers and Weber that she already has a man in her life whom she unequivocally admires before joining the show. That man is her father, who was seen in Prewett's Bachelor intro package coaching his daughter on the basketball court and giving her a warm, fatherly hug.


"We have a super close relationship," Prewett said, discussing her bond with her dad. 

On her one-on-one date with Weber in Lima, Peru, Prewett revealed her perfect partner to be someone who embodies the qualities she admires most in her father. "I look up to my dad so much, and I've said I wanted someone who will remind me of my dad, somebody who embodies the same qualities and characteristics," Prewett told Weber (via Christian Post). She continued, saying, "I've watched the way my dad has loved my mom and loved my family and the way that he has such a strong relationship with the Lord is the way he's able to love our family so well."

Fans thought The Bachelor's Madison Prewett had the strongest connection with Peter Weber

During the seventh episode of Peter Weber's Bachelor season, viewers watched as Madison Prewett and the pilot went on their second one-on-one date together, finally having their first extended period of alone time since Prewett was chosen to join Weber for his season's inaugural one-on-one date.


Before the Peru outing, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett had largely been relegated to a background player in Weber's season, thanks in no small part to her ability to avoid getting entangled in house drama. However, while she may have been out of sight, Prewett was obviously never out of Weber's mind. In fact, during the dinner portion of their second one-on-one date, Weber confessed to Prewett that he was falling in love with her — despite having five other women competing for his affection, as reported by

Fans were understandably taken aback by Weber's confession, as the Bachelor usually waits until he's narrowed his group of potential fiancées down to two (or even one) before dropping the "L" bomb. For some viewers, Weber's words indicated he'd already made his final choice. "End the Bachelor now. Madison wins," one fan tweeted


The Bachelor's Madison Prewett has a fun family mealtime tradition

During Peter Weber's hometown date during Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, viewers were introduced to the pilot's loving and enthusiastic family, consisting of his mother, father, and younger brother. The Webers quickly became a fan-favorite family for the sweet support they displayed for both Weber and Brown, but also for the sing-songy German prayer they chanted together before diving into dinner. 


During Madison Prewett's hometown date with Weber, the frontrunner contestant's family revealed they have a dinnertime tradition of their own. And, while it's not exactly the tongue-twisting chant recited by the Webers, it's certainly just as adorable. 

Upon sitting down to dinner, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett excitedly acknowledged the "special plate" sitting in front of her, prompting her mom to explain the plate's significance to Weber. "A family tradition that we have is someone at the table in our family gets the special plate when we have dinner together," the Prewett matriarch revealed. She continued, telling Weber, "So [now], each person says something special about Madison."

One thing's for sure — both the Webers and the Prewetts know how to make family mealtime special.


The Bachelor's Madison Prewett won't back down from her beliefs

On the Feb. 17, 2020 episode of The Bachelor, viewers watched as Madison Prewett introduced Peter Weber to her sisters, mother, and rightfully skeptical father. And while Weber's time with the Prewetts seemed to go as well as it could, the frontrunner contestant revealed in a one-on-one interview that she was saving herself for marriage — a personal decision she hadn't yet shared with the Bachelor. 


During the season's fantasy suites episode, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett called her decision to save herself a "black-and-white" situation, telling fellow contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, "These are the expectations I have for myself. These are the expectations that I have for our relationship." In that same episode, Prewett went on a one-on-one date with Weber, and told the Bachelor, "I wouldn't be able to move forward if you have slept with the other women."

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett removed herself from the competition

While there are a handful of exceptions, Bachelor seasons usually end with the lead confessing his love and proposing to his last remaining contestant, having just sent his runner-up away in tears. However, before Peter Weber's season even began, the Bachelor and host Chris Harrison publicly promised Weber's season finale would be unlike anything Bachelor Nation had ever seen. In fact, the two men assured fans that Weber's season would be the first to go unspoiled by longtime Bachelor blogger Steve Carbone. And considering Carbone didn't have a concrete answer by Week 7 for those wondering who the Bachelor ultimately chose, fans gradually began to accept that Weber and Harrison may have been right in their assumption.


However, Carbone was able to reveal a few details about how Weber's season finale reportedly unfolded — including a particularly interesting storyline involving The Bachelor's Madison Prewett. According to Carbone, after learning Weber was intimate with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller (or both) during their respective fantasy suite dates, she chose to self-eliminate — reportedly because she'd expressed to Weber her hesitation to move forward with him if he'd been intimate with other women. And as fans learned, Carbone's spoiler ultimately proved to be accurate.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett ended up with Peter Weber

According to blogger Steve Carbone, The Bachelor's Madison Prewett self-eliminated once she realized Peter Weber had been physically intimate during his other fantasy suite date(s), which proved true. However, as Carbone revealed in a February 2020 post on his Reality Steve blog, Prewett and Weber's love story reportedly didn't end there. 


Though he admitted he didn't have the "solid confirmation" he needed to fully believe the theory, Carbone revealed to readers that he expected to see Prewett and Weber ultimately reunite, despite Prewett removing herself from the competition. "If you're asking me what I think Peter's current dating situation is, I'd go with that," Carbone wrote. Expounding on his theory, the blogger continued, "They are together, definitely not engaged, and they are working on their relationship because this definitely hasn't been easy on Madison from all accounts."

And, as fans saw on After the Final Rose, Weber and Prewett did ultimately end up together, though they didn't get engaged on the show.

Some people thought The Bachelor's Madison Prewett was going to the next Bachelorette

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett quickly became a bright spot in Peter Weber's season simply by steering clear of the drama that plagued her fellow contestants and being the clear frontrunner for the Bachelor's heart. For the majority of Weber's season, Prewett seemed like a shoo-in to leave the show as the future Mrs. Weber, and she did ultimately end up with Weber, as viewers learned on After the Final Rose. However, before learning she and Weber pursued a relationship together, some fans took to social media to express their desire for Prewett to be given her very own season of The Bachelorette


"Honestly, [I] hope Peter picks Hannah Ann and Madison is the Bachelorette," one viewer tweeted. Added the fan, "Madison is just way out of [Weber's] league." Another tweeted, "I respect Madison for her beliefs and faith in God," noting, "I would love her to be the Bachelorette [and] show the world too that she can find a successful relationship through that."

As we now know, Prewett continued a relationship with Weber, and Clare Crawley was announced as the next Bachelorette.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett apparently does her own ink

During the first night of Peter Weber's two-part Bachelor season finale, viewers witnessed the pilot struggle to convince Madison Prewett — still reeling from finding out Weber had been intimate with other women during fantasy suites — their relationship was worth fighting for. Before meeting his family for a second time, Prewett and Weber had an emotional conversation about their feelings and whether or not Prewett felt as if she could move forward. To Weber's delight, the frontrunner contestant decided to continue  — and the two proceeded to have one of the most uncomfortable meet-the-family dates in Bachelor history. 


As enthralling as Weber and Prewett's conversation might have been, many viewers found themselves distracted by some sort of writing on Prewett's hand. Located near her thumb, the ink was clearly meant to be seen — and Bachelor fans thirsty for season finale spoilers were dying to know what it said. 

According to People, the handwritten ink appeared to spell "Proverbs," an apparent nod to Prewett's Christian faith. As noted by People, Prewett's Instagram bio reads, "Proverbs 31:8," so it's safe to say the bible verse is a favorite of hers.

The Bachelor's Madison Prewett reportedly doesn't drink alcohol

Madison Prewett's last date with Peter Weber in Australia ended in heartbreak for the Bachelor when the frontrunner contestant made the decision to eliminate herself from the competition, telling Weber she felt like they were simply too different to be compatible long-term. Before the emotional goodbye, Prewett and Weber shared a gorgeous view of the Australian wilderness. However, when Weber presented a bottle of sparkling apple cider to Prewett (instead of the usual wine or champagne seen on these types of dates), viewers had questions. Namely, does Prewett not drink alcohol?


According to ABC executive Rob Mills, Prewett does not, in fact, drink alcohol. "Madi doesn't drink," Mills tweeted. He continued, writing, "[It's] not a big thing with her. She just doesn't do it."

Of course, some viewers took Prewett's decision not to drink alcohol to be yet another reason why she and Weber wouldn't last as a couple. "So wait, Madison hasn't had sex, doesn't drink, [and] is super religious," one fan tweeted. Noting Weber's partying ways, the viewer continued, "[Peter] thinks this is going to work how?"

Peter Weber's family really changed their tune about The Bachelor's Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett received the first one-on-one date of Peter Weber's Bachelor season, effectively securing her spot as frontrunner for the Bachelor's heart when she accompanied Weber to his parents' vow renewal ceremony. To viewers watching at home, it seemed as if Prewett's first date with Weber could not have gone any better. The Bachelor's mother, Barbara Weber, even told Prewett, "I have to admit, [Peter] seems like he's in awe of you and that makes me very happy because I really like you."


However, the Weber family changed their minds about Prewett after spending time with her in Australia as Weber's season drew to a close. Barbara Weber expressed her doubt regarding Prewett's feelings for her son, even crying for Weber to choose contestant Hannah Ann Sluss instead. And, as viewers witnessed on the After the Final Rose special, the Weber matriarch was visibly upset to see her son and Prewett reunite, saying that Weber's relationship with Prewett was doomed to fail.

"All his friends, all his family, everyone that knows him knows that it's not going to work," Barbara Weber told Bachelor host Chris Harrison (via People).