New Christmas Movies To Help Get You In The Holiday Spirit

It's the most wonderful time of the year for a whole lot of reasons. Our beautiful trees are up, the cookies are in the oven for Saint Nick, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and Christmas movies are now streaming everywhere!

While many of us continually turn to watching the classics each holiday season, there are dozens of brand-new festive films for the entire family to enjoy, too. From the feel-good rom coms we've all come to appreciate around Christmastime to the kid-friendly comedies that can keep us laughing all night long (well, maybe not too late, or else Santa won't come!), it's a real treat each season to see how our favorite movie characters are spending the holidays.

So get out your Christmas movie-watching sweaters, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and treat yo-elf to the newest holiday films of the season. There's truly something for everyone to love on our list.

Home Sweet Home Alone

It wouldn't be the holiday season without watching "Home Alone," but now this generation gets to see a completely new rendition of the story as it gets itself a reboot. In "Home Sweet Home Alone," now available for streaming on Disney+, Max's family has boarded their flight to Tokyo — but they forgot all about their son. While he's enjoying his time alone at home, some burglars break in (including one who happens to be "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" herself). As the only man in the house, it's now Max's job to save his home turf. Sound familiar?

Though Macaulay Culkin isn't anywhere in sight, young actor Archie Yates is a face that may look familiar to moviegoers. The British actor has also appeared in the Oscar-winning film "Jojo Rabbit." Yet, appearing in the Christmas classic may be something even more special to the actor. "It feels like an absolute honor," he told Philadelphia's 6ABC Action News. "I religiously watch 'Home Alone' every Christmas, so being part of a new story that is so closely linked to this film that I love so much, is crazy." It is definitely a merry good sequel for the entire family to enjoy, too.

Candy Coated Christmas

When you think of what you'll see on the Food Network, chances are you aren't thinking of Christmas films. Yet, since the network is so famous for debuting the tastiest treats each holiday season, it would only make sense the network would lend itself to making a pretty magical (and delicious) Christmas movie.

"Candy Coated Christmas," now streaming on Discovery+, takes place in the town of Peppermint Hollow (how appropriate). There, a woman named Molly is adamant about finding a way to get back her family's wealth, which was recently lost. In true Christmas-movie fashion, romance ensues when Molly finds she has chemis-tree with a local man instead. Of course, there are also lots of sweet treats (it is the Food Network, after all), but funny enough, Molly isn't a good cook — though fans will get to see one of their favorite chefs acting along in the movie, too.

This movie is The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's acting debut as the character Bee. In fact, "I contributed some of my own recipes to Bee's Bakery," she said in a behind-the-scenes video. "And it's going to be fun to see my recipes come to life." It's also the very first film the Food Network has ever made! Needless to say, it's a pretty sweet deal.

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

We've been there for a baking contest and a royal coronation, and now Princess Stacy and Queen Margaret are back for a third installment of "The Princess Switch." In this film, there's a completely new adventure in store, too: An expensive heirloom has been offered to the kingdom of Montenaro during the international Christmas Festival — but, now, it's been stolen. 

To catch a criminal, these ladies must become one themselves, so they enlist the help of fan favorite Fiona (a.k.a. a blonde Vanessa Hudgens, which was actually the actor's idea). "When I was told there was going to be a third character ... I was like, 'She needs to be blonde, like, she needs to be so over the top,'" Hudgens told Entertainment Tonight. "And I just had the best time creating her, because they really did give me freedom to kind of spice her up however I wanted to."

Of course, we're sure to see lots of Christmas spirit in "The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star" — available for streaming on Netflix — but someone new will fa-la-la in love, too! It's a sequel we've come to expect from the franchise each and every season. It truly wouldn't be the holidays without it!

Love Hard

For a Christmas movie with a modern twist, look no further than "Love Hard," streaming exclusively on Netflix. The film follows a young woman who hasn't had any luck when it comes to love. When this jingle — er, single — lady finally gets matched on a dating app with the man she deems the love of her life, she opts to surprise him for the holidays. However, when she shows up, he's not exactly who she expected. Instead, she discovers she's been catfished by her childhood friend. Yikes.

However, holiday movie fanatics should not fear. The film definitely ends up as a love story — just with someone unexpected. "What I liked about our film is that it sort of goes against those stereotypes and sort of brings it back to honesty and highlights that everyone is flawed," actress Nina Dobrev said during an interview with "The Nerds of Color." "And it's not about finding the perfect person, but finding the perfect person for you with all their flaws included."

A Christmas Dance Reunion

If "High School Musical" still leaves you with all the feels even all these years later, you'll flip over "A Christmas Dance Reunion," which premieres Friday, December 3, on Lifetime. The film stars Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu, who have reconnected once again to serve up some serious moves on our screens. "13 years ago, we may have hung up on our #wildcat hats," Coleman wrote on Instagram. "But we're #stillinthistogether." (And now that song is stuck in all of our heads.)

The film follows Coleman's character, who has returned to spend time at a resort with her family for the holiday season. There, she runs into her old high school dance partner, played by Bleu. This time, we get to watch the two of them fall in love all over again — and some more dancing, of course. "No matter how long you're away from something, you can always come back to it," Bleu says in the trailer, and that includes all of us O.G. "HSM" fans out there.

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas

Fans of the television series "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist," starring Jane Levy, weren't exactly feeling cheerful when news of its cancelation broke during summer 2021. "When it all went down [with the cancellation], it was really surprising, gut-wrenching, devastating," the show's creator, Austin Winsberg, told Entertainment Weekly. "And the fans were incredible with that 'Save Zoey's Playlist' campaign."

It turns out, it worked. These same fans will be jumping (and dancing) for joy to know that the series is set to be a feature-length revival. Even if you've never seen the television series before, "Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas" – available to stream exclusively on the Roku Channel on Wednesday, December 1 — is a movie that anyone looking for some holiday cheer can tune into and understand. The movie musical is filled with all sorts of singing and dancing as Zoey navigates her first holiday season without her father. "With the amount of loss that's been happening in the world and with everything with COVID, that seemed like something that people could definitely relate and connect to, not being with loved ones and family over the holidays," Winsberg said.

Coyote Creek Christmas

The holiday spirit certainly came early this year. "Coyote Creek Christmas" has been available to watch on the Hallmark Channel ever since Hallow's Eve. The film, featuring "Pretty Little Liars" star Janel Parrish and Hallmark star Ryan Paevey, truly shows what Christmas is all about. Parrish's character returns to her hometown to help her parents host the ultimate holiday party at the inn they own together. There, she happens to run into romance instead. One could say it was orna-meant to be!

While starring on the Hallmark Channel was a dream come true for Parrish, her role in the film may have been an even bigger deal to her mom. "I think the biggest Hallmark fan ever is my mom, so she's so happy," she admitted during an interview with Celebrity Page TV. "And Ryan Paevey is her favorite Hallmark actor of all time." Who can disagree with that?

The Christmas Contest

No one dreams about having to spend the holiday season with their ex. However, that's exactly what happens in "The Christmas Contest." The film, which premieres Sunday, November 28, on the Hallmark Channel, features Hallmark stars Candace Cameron Bure and John Brotherton, who play a couple who've ended their relationship on bad terms. Now, the two of them have unknowingly both signed up for a holiday contest where they'll be competing against each other for the prize.

While many Christmas movie fans have binge-watched Bure time and time again, this latest holiday movie happens to be her favorite. "I know I say every Christmas movie, every year is like my favorite one, but this one's really, really special for so many reasons," she said in an Instagram story, per Heavy. "And I hope you guys all love it and agree." We are totally tuning in. Sleigh no more!

Single All the Way

The thought of family gatherings is enough to send shivers down single people's spines. No one wants to be questioned about their relationship status while sipping hot cocoa. No one wants their mother to set them up on a blind date either, but all this and more happens in the movie "Single All the Way," available to stream on Tuesday, December 2, only on Neflix. In Netflix's first holiday movie to ever feature a gay romance, "you can expect pageantry, wine, hunky Santas, a little bit of deception, a whole lotta do-gooding, and Jennifer Coolidge," star Michael Urie told Entertainment Weekly.

As his character is about to head home for the dreaded holidays (as a single man once again), he asks his best friend to tag along with him and pretend to be his boyfriend. After all, his family has always wondered why the two of them weren't a couple anyway, and — well, you can see where it all goes from there.

Open By Christmas

There's snow much to love about the holiday season, and receiving Christmas cards is one of them. Yet, imagine reading a special one but having no idea who sent it. When one woman receives an unsigned card in the movie "Open By Christmas," now available to watch on the Hallmark Channel, she's determined to figure out which man put it in her mailbox. "For Hallmark fans, they'll know: there's ... lots of things that you have come to know and love about the Christmas movies," star Allison Sweeney said on the Hallmarkies Podcast. "And I like to think that we kind of expanded the things you're going to love about Christmas movies in the future."

In the end, the holiday season isn't all about romance. That's why Sweeney explained that though the film is about falling in love, the star relationship in the movie is the one she has with her best gal pal. "And that's as important at Christmas as falling in love or family," Sweeney said.

The Santa Stakeout

When you think about it, Santa Claus has been breaking and entering our homes for years. Now, there's a new movie all about capturing this criminal. In "The Santa Stakeout," which first became available on the Hallmark Channel a week before Halloween, a group of detectives set out to capture a mall Santa who's been committing various crimes. "This was a fun little twist for Hallmark," star Tamera Mowry-Housley told the "Today" show. After all, a Christmas movie about cops isn't exactly the holiday network's style. "They really don't do comedies. They always pull on the heartstrings," she added.

Of course, this Christmas movie will still (North) pole on our heartstrings. If you're looking for some holiday cheer, you're sure to get it in "The Santa Stakeout." In fact, though Mowry-Housley has spent her summers filming plenty of holiday movies, "this is the first time it's ever happened that I actually got into the Christmas spirit before Halloween," she admitted. Then again, who says we can't have Christmas cheer all year?

A Castle for Christmas

You may have some pretty extravagant items on your holiday wish list, but have you ever thought about getting a castle for Christmas? In "A Castle for Christmas," available Friday, November 26, to stream on Netflix, Brooke Shields' character does just that. After experiencing a public scandal as a published American author, she plans a getaway to Scotland. For inspiration, she visits a castle that her father once owned — and finds out it's for sale. She's quick to write a check until she realizes that the owner, played by Cary Elwes, is willing to do whatever he can to get rid of her.

While it may not seem like it from the synopsis, romance ensues in true holiday film fashion. Shields is even a fan of it herself. "I love crying, I love wondering, 'What if they don't get back together?'" she told the New York Post. Now we'll have to watch to see if they do!

A Christmas Treasure

Christmas is all about the people you love, and "A Christmas Treasure," now available on the Hallmark Channel, tells just that story. In the film, the Queen of Christmas herself, Jordin Sparks, plays a young journalist who dreams of making it big in the big city. However, when the holidays roll around, her plans completely change after she runs into a man who may be the man of her dreams.

As the Season 6 winner of "American Idol," fans can only assume they'll see Sparks singing in the movie — and they're right. However, originally "I was like, 'I want to be able to sing in this film, but I don't want it to be, like, her thing, you know?'" the star told TV Insider. "Because I feel like people would expect that from me." Luckily, the singing legend totally delivers at the (gum)drop of a hat.

8-Bit Christmas

"8-Bit Christmas" is for those of us who've always dreamed of that one specific Christmas gift that never came. The movie follows a young boy in the '80s who would do anything to own a Nintendo. Unfortunately, his parents don't allow video games in the house, and finding one of these special gaming sets is few and far between during the busy holiday season. However, never sleigh never. The film, which pays homage to "A Christmas Story," is told from the perspective of the boy who is now a grown adult, played by Neil Patrick Harris, as he explains the true meaning of Christmas to his daughter.

Most parents will seemingly relate to this film. Harris himself even enjoys playing video games with his kids. Yet, while he has decades more experience playing Nintendo than they do (just like his character), he's still refining his craft with the console. "I thought that the older I got, the more nuanced my skill set at say, Super Mario Kart would be, and I think that's not true. I think the synapses must slow down, or my children are just very, very skilled because they whoop me pretty much uniformly," he told People. "[It's] demoralizing, but I'll take it, and watch them laugh at me." Luckily, just like this movie, it's something the entire family can enjoy — starting Wednesday, November 24, on HBO Max.