What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Cheek

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Moles have been subject to different interpretations and definitions for ages. Across different cultures and among various peoples of the world, moles can either provide an insight into an individual's personality traits, reveal different unknown secrets about them, or pretty much just tell something about them they never knew before. Chinese people have believed for several generations that the moles on a person's face could signify how noble they are, how wealthy they are, and how long they may live on earth, according to "The Chinese Art of Face Reading: Book of Moles."

Whether or not these things are rooted in any empirical fact is another thing entirely, but the truth remains that people believe in them so much and attach sentimental value to them. Even in astrology, moles are said to have some serious significance on one's destiny, per Times Of India.

While these unscientific explanations exist, medical research has also shown that moles can carry some other real meanings; provable by years of scientific findings. Depending on the form a mole takes, its positioning and even size, one may have absolutely nothing to worry about or may be required to pay extra attention in order to avert a bigger, more serious medical danger, per Everyday Health.

So, let's say a mole appears on either of your cheeks, what comes to your mind? More importantly, what is its medical implication?

´╗┐Mole on the cheek: Just a beauty spot or something more?

A mole on your cheek is essentially a mole on your face. So, if you subscribe to the beliefs and traditions of ancient Chinese people, you can accept the general interpretation that says any face mole can indicate the extent of a person's wealth and nobility among other things, according to "The Chinese Art of Face Reading: Book of Moles." However, you could also choose to believe your cheek mole means you are likely a person of a studious nature, full of courage and athleticism, per Cosmopolitan.

To get even more specific, a mole on your left cheek may be a pointer to an arrogant nature, while one on the right signifies a caring spirit that is also sensitive.

If you are looking for a more medical interpretation of the situation, though, a mole on your cheek is usually just a regular mole with no significance or negative implication. However, if it bleeds, oozes, or hurts, you might want to see a doctor right away, per Healthline. Also, you may want to report any new mole that shows up in your adulthood to your doctor.