Here's How Your Mole Placement Relates To Your Astrology

A mole is not an unusual thing to have. Most people have at least one or more moles in their lifetime, some appearing during childhood or later on in adulthood (via Healthline). These moles can be found all over the body, and according to astrology, mole placement represents different fortunes (via AskAstrologer).

There are various places you may find moles on your head and face. Starting from the literal top, in Chinese astrology, a mole on your head means good luck for life (via YourChineseAstrology). If the mole is further down in the center on your forehead, it symbolizes mental maturity. Women should be mindful that this could also indicate difficulties in romantic relationships. However, when it comes to monetary luck, you're in good hands. 

According to AskAstrologer, moles found on the temple can indicate a sudden marriage in your future or getting married at an early age. And if you're looking for some monetary wealth, hopefully you have some moles on your right eyelid!

Moles on your face are more than just beauty marks

Pucker up — because the moles on your lips have more meaning than you think! If a mole is on your upper lip, you are probably a very considerate person (via YourChineseAstrology). If you have a mole on your lower lip, you are likely very desirable to the opposite sex.

According to Times of India, cheek moles equal arrogance, while a mole on the tip of your nose shows you're quick to anger, but also very intelligent and witty. The nose is an interesting part of the body to have a mole because the placement can mean so many different things. You should probably get a mirror and check to see if you have a mole on the right side of your nose or the left. The right side means money is coming your way, but the left is just the opposite!

If you're looking for some luck that is more than just monetary gain, check to see if you have any moles on your ears. As stated by YourChineseAstrology, a mole on your ear correlates to people with great luck and fortune. Just make sure it's not behind the ear — this is usually a sign of bad luck in life.

The astrology and attributes behind body moles

There are different kinds of moles that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (via Healthline). While those moles are usually categorized by looks and shapes to determine if they seem benign or not, the Chinese believed that looks and shape determine luck. For example, moles that are red in color are considered very lucky (via YourChineseAstrology). 

They can also represent attributes. Moles on your right shoulder are synonymous with people who are brave and determined to finish any task they set their mind to, while a left shoulder mole often indicates a person who gets into arguments often (via AskAstrologer). If you find yourself to be a person who often has financial troubles, you may want to take a closer look at your chest for any moles. The closer to the center the mole rests, the more financial difficulty you may experience. However, if the mole is on your stomach, this could indicate a financially easier journey for you. According to World of Feng Shui, that location for a mole is pretty lucky, and life will be easy breezy.

What the moles on your limbs mean

The moles on your hands and feet are more significant than you think. Take a tally of the smart people in your life. They might have moles on their right hand (via Times of India). A mole on the left hand isn't a bad sign, but it does indicate a chance that your life might be average. Wrist moles, on the other hand (no pun intended), can indicate poverty from a young age. However, don't lose hope! As you get older, your income will grow. It's all about patience. Just make sure there aren't any moles on your palms or fingers. It doesn't matter if they appear on the right or left side; they always represent obstacles and misfortune (via AskAstrologer).

If you're searching for happiness in the home, you want to double check your feet for moles. According to AskAstrologer, those appearing on the right side are great, but a mole on your left foot means there could be problems in your relationship. 

Don't forget about the legs! Right calf moles represent a lot of success in anything you strive for. If you find yourself surrounded by a lot of friends throughout your life, you probably have a mole on your left calf (via AskAstrologer).

Moles in sensitive areas

You, or a significant other, may have noticed some moles in places that others don't normally see. It may come as no surprise that a mole on your genitals can indicate a very high sex drive (via World of Feng Shui). If you're a man, this could also indicate that you will have many children in your lifetime.

And take a peek at those thighs. If you have any moles on your inner thighs — you're in luck! This indicates an inheritance of some kind is in your future. Of course, placement matters. If your mole is on your left thigh, watch out! This could indicate a lazy quality (via AskAstrologer). Not only that, but you may not be surrounded by as many friends as you hope. 

If you're sitting bored at home, maybe grab a mirror and check your buttocks, but be careful not to mix up your right and left! According to AskAstrologer, you definitely want to make sure those moles are on your right butt cheek and not the left. The left means poverty, but the right side represents the creative and intelligent person that you are!