Tattoos That Men Find Most Attractive On Women

The tattoo world has exploded in popularity over the last few decades, and while it's now more popular than ever to get inked, you might be wondering which tattoos are right for you and how to properly care for them. Right now, the tattoo trend everyone is trying isn't the same as last year's or even the year before, and you might even stress about falling into one of the most common tattoo mistakes that people get covered up because they later regret them.

While tattoos are inherently serious, don't stress about them too much. They're simply about your self-expression, though they can also be expressions of love. For example, a rose tattoo could mean that you're in love, per Tattoo SEO, but rose tattoos could be considered overdone and cliche at this point, too. 

When thinking about love, then, one might consider which tattoos people find most attractive on others. Men, for instance, have their own tastes, and they might find certain tattoos the most attractive.

This fruity tattoo instantly draws attention

There's no denying that many men find tattoos attractive on women, but the type of tattoo can make a big difference. According to SmuGG BuGG, one tattoo men find the most attractive on women is a pair of cherries — or really, any cherries. This fruit carries with it a sexual connotation, and when they see a tattoo of it on women, men take it as a sign that these women are fun, flirty, and approachable. Men should be careful not to assume, though, and always be respectful of women's boundaries. Still, a simple cherry tattoo can make a man have heart eyes.

This tattoo proves Latin isn't a dead (love) language

On the other hand, some men like a little secrecy on their women. Women's Health asked men about their favorite tattoos on women, and one respondent explained that he dated a woman with a Latin tattoo on her wrist. "I once dated a woman who had a wrist tattoo in Latin that translated to, 'And light shines in the darkness,'" he explained. "For some reason it's sexier in Latin. Maybe it's because it's kind of secretive; nobody knows how to read or speak Latin anymore." Who could fault that logic? In any case, this respondent further clarified that he enjoys any tattoos on women's wrists!

Sometimes, men prefer the simpler things in life

In addition to text, men also like simple tattoos on women. According to Zensa, a poll showed that both men and women liked simple shapes, including linework, geometric shapes, state or country borders, and more. This applies to outlines, too, meaning men appreciate outlines of animals, stars, mythical creatures, and more on women. Their poll also delineated that illustrative tattoos, which are more elaborate, were equally as impressive, so there's no losing here. These tattoos are also some of the easiest and painless to get because they won't be shaded or filled. So if you've ever considered getting one, why not give it a try?

Men want to know women are interested in similar topics

Men also look out for tattoos that relate to their interests. Another respondent to Women's Health proved that common interests can really bridge people together. "The sexiest tattoo I've ever seen on a woman was the Rebel Alliance symbol from 'Star Wars' placed just above one of her hips," the respondent explained. "I don't think I could ever resist a girl who loves 'Star Wars' enough to get something from the movie tattooed on her body." Honestly, this is perhaps the most wholesome tattoo appreciation. It's widely believed that couples won't last long-term if they don't share anything in common, so finding someone with tattoos of a shared interest might mean you've hit the jackpot.

This tattoo could symbolize the beginning of a true romance

Finally, men may find a specific bird very attractive on women. According to SmuGG BuGG, swallows are not only one of the most popular birds that women get tattooed on their bodies but also the one that men find the most attractive. They explain that swallows symbolize everlasting love and spring, the latter of which also symbolizes new beginnings. Spotting someone with a swallow tattoo, then, could mean you're ready for your own new beginning. These tattoos are also generally cute, so you can't go wrong with some bird-inspired ink.