What's Really Going On With Chris And Paige From Married At First Sight?

The premise of "Married at First Sight" is deliciously irresistible. Participants agree to marry strangers on the spot, regardless of whether they're physically attracted to them, get a bad vibe, or whatever else. The Lifetime hit mines serious drama out of watching fledgling couples attempting to adjust to their new lives together despite barely even knowing each other's names. At the end of the season, each couple must decide whether they wish to stay married or if they'd rather divorce and make a run for it. 

Per The Cinemaholic, contestants Chris Williams and Paige Banks drew plenty of attention from the outset, predominantly because fans worried he was mistreating his new wife. 

Chris didn't make a great first impression, given his revelations about wanting a "trophy wife" and Paige not being his usual type. He subsequently made some dodgy sexual comments during their very first meal together. Chris even told Paige he didn't fancy her and was later revealed to have a pregnant ex to boot. The couple also disagreed on how to handle their finances. After Paige got used to the idea of being a stepmom, Chris admitted that he still had feelings for his ex. She didn't want to be with him, though, leading Chris right back to Paige. Given her impressive faith in God, Paige seemed unwilling to take the divorce route. But has she changed her mind since?

Chris and Paige tried to overcome their issues

Reality TitBit reports that Chris actually proposed to his ex, Mercedes, in February 2020, and remained engaged to her until "MAFS" began filming. The Cinemaholic confirms the two subsequently went on holiday together. Notably, though, Mercedes didn't have a visible baby bump when the former couple was spotted in Cancun. Certain fans charged Chris with lying about the pregnancy to get out of his relationship with Paige.

Chris isn't impressed with the negative reaction to his behavior, reasoning he doesn't have to explain himself since the show should speak for itself, while "MAFS" relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz acknowledged they probably shouldn't have cast him in the first place. 

Screen Rant notes Paige chose to divorce Chris at the end of the season but, by the reunion, she'd reconciled with him. They once again went to counseling but didn't live together and ultimately nothing changed, so Paige finally cut Chris out of her life for good. Judging by Instagram, she's moving on and trying to be happy. According to Essence, Paige even went on a date. Chris, meanwhile, continues to defend himself online, with Cheat Sheet reporting he even claimed Paige lied to create a storyline for them on the show. "Why do y'all think after the experts allegedly gave her an out to the marriage she kept filming[?] It was because of our agreement," Williams railed. Clearly, these two are better off apart, whichever way you look at it.