Why Jennifer Lopez's AMAs Performance Had Fans Seeing Red

On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez took to the stage to perform her most recent hit, "On My Way (Marry Me)," from her upcoming film "Marry Me," during the 2021 American Music Awards. The pre-recorded performance featured Lopez bringing her character from the movie, Kat Valdez, alive by wearing a corseted wedding dress and a matching veil. The movie, which also stars Owen Wilson, Maluma, and Sarah Silverman, follows Lopez's superstar character pointing to a random man in the audience holding a sign asking to marry her (Wilson) and agreeing to marry him (and, of course, all of the drama that unfolds from that moment), per Independent.

This is actually the third time in recent history that Lopez has performed a soundtrack song at the American Music Awards. Just last year, Lopez performed "Pa' Ti" and "Lonely" with Maluma, which was also promoting "Marry Me." Prior to that, Lopez also performed "Limitless" from her film "Second Act," according to People. The "Jenny From the Block" singer actually was not slated to perform at the 2021 American Music Awards, but filled in at the last minute for Megan Thee Stallion, who dropped out due to personal reasons.

Aside from performing at multiple American Music Award ceremonies throughout the years (who could forget the "Waiting For Tonight" performance in 2015?), Lopez has also won a few American Music Awards herself, including favorite pop/rock female artist in 2003 and favorite Latin artist in 2007 and 2011, per People.

Fans are making fun of Lopez's lip syncing skills

In addition to her stunning wedding dress, veil, and larger-than-life photos of herself and Owen Wilson in "Marry Me," many fans could not stop obsessing over Jennifer Lopez's lip syncing skills (or, rather, lackthereof). "As a kid, I used to lip sync into my hairbrush with more accuracy and realism than J Lo's AMA performance," one user tweeted. "Jlo was about to speak and remembered her mic was off. Lord help me," another user tweeted. Other people were quick to either accuse Lopez of not being able to sing or not showing off the vocal skills that she does possess. "Now why are you lip-synching? You have a great voice. Just sing the song!" one fan said, according to The Sun.

This isn't the first time that Lopez has been accused of lip syncing during a performance. Last year, Both Lopez and Shakira were accused of lip syncing their way through their halftime show performance during the Super Bowl LIV. "Please stop talking about how great J lo and Shakira are tonight. They are lip syncing. C'mon," one user tweeted. However, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, it seems as though most musicians actually do lip sync during the Super Bowl halftime show, as the echo in the stadium created by a live performance is not ideal.

Thus far, Lopez has yet to proclaim whether or not she lip synced during her performance at the American Music Awards.