Dream Home Makeover Season 3 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"Dream Home Makeover" is a relatively new Netflix acquisition, which debuted on the streaming service in October 2020, per IMDb. Home renovation serves as the theme of the reality show, which attempts to take a bite out of the colossal HGTV pie. Happily, "Dream Home Makeover" was a huge hit with fans, thanks in large part to the likeability of series leads Shea and Syd McGee. A married couple who also work together running several successful businesses, the McGees had an easy rapport and sweet chemistry right from the outset. 

As The Cinemaholic notes, Shea and Syd design spaces for families regardless of how much or little money they have to spend. Although home renovation shows are proliferating right now, "Dream Home Makeover" is focused on making houses into homes without necessarily bankrupting the people who live in them. Meanwhile, the McGees present themselves as a sweet — and undeniably authentic — family who genuinely cares about the work they're doing. It's been a while since Season 2 wrapped, so fans are eager for Season 3.

When is Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover dropping on Netflix?

Per IMDb, the first season of "Dream Home Makeover" hit Netflix in October 2020, with Season 2 following in quick succession in January 2021. A couple of months later, Deadline confirmed that Netflix had renewed a bunch of its most popular, unscripted original shows, including "Dream Home Makeover." Although the third season hasn't materialized just yet, it's worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to stymie production across the board, particularly on shows where in-person interaction is key. It's also entirely possible the first two seasons were shot back to back, resulting in a longer gap before the third is released, as The Cinemaholic notes. 

Although Season 3 was originally expected around summer 2021, the McGees welcomed a new baby in the meantime, which may have impacted their ability to shoot "Dream Home Makeover" too. Aside from being officially renewed, the Studio McGee Facebook account confirmed Season 3 was about to begin shooting around March 2021, so new episodes are definitely on the way. 

Who can we expect to see in Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover?

"Dream Home Makeover" follows Shea and Syd McGee, who own a couple of businesses as well as being a real-life couple. Per The Cinemaholic, the McGees run an interior design firm called Studio McGee as well as the furniture business McGee & Co. They were originally discovered after Shea began sharing their impressive interior design projects on Instagram. She handles the creative side, while Sid is in charge of the business stuff. Their two daughters, Wren and Ivy, also made a splash on the hit show, popping up every now and then. In July 2021, the happy couple welcomed their third daughter, Margot, as People reported at the time. 

We're so excited to welcome baby girl number three into our family!" the McGees told People. Although they're already parents to two other kids, Shea acknowledged it was going to be difficult to juggle a newborn alongside them. "There's a five-year gap between our oldest two and this one," she explained. "Last time I had a baby, I had another baby to take care of too. It was crazy." Thankfully, the couple expected their older daughters to help out as much as possible. They'd previously joked about filming Season 3 with Shea heavily pregnant, though Syd quipped, "I think I'll look good on camera either way."

What could Season 3 of Dream Home Makeover be about?

Alongside following the expectant parents during their pregnancy journey, or perhaps even shortly after they welcomed daughter Margot, "Dream Home Makeover" Season 3 is expected to continue on a similar trajectory to the previous two seasons. According to Glamour, Netflix described the show's premise thusly: "Episodes feature design projects that range from one-room designs to full home builds and renovations, effortlessly applying the same set of principles to every project, creating jaw-dropping interiors that are unfussy, accessible, and breathtakingly simple at any level of the budget ladder." Season 2 found them working with retired NBA star Travis Hansen, the Chiu family, and the Winkelman family, all of whom had their spaces transformed thanks to the McGees' keen eye (via Bullet News). 

Meanwhile, the couple worked on their own home too, so Season 3 should also showcase how that's been going, alongside a variety of other projects ranging in price and style. As for who their dream clients would be, Shea told Hello! she'd love to check out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Santa Barbara digs. "Now that they are in LA, I would love to see inside their home for sure. I would love to collaborate with her, that would be awesome," the reality star enthused. We'll just have to wait and see if the Duchess of Sussex shows up on "Dream Home Makeover" when it returns.