The Oh No! Our Table! TikTok Trend Explained

Over the last few weeks, an earth-shattering, earphone-splitting sound has taken over TikTok. We see entire grocery store aisles crashing down, high heels bringing a person to their knees, and fantastic wrestling showdowns — all are fitting for the viral sound, which has a fairly straightforward plot. A racket caused by breaking glass leads to a child announcing, "Oh no... our table... it's broken."

There are multiple hashtags to find the sound, but #ourtable has 900 million views, offering videos that range from challenges to remixes. Overwhelmingly, people participated in the "try not to laugh while recording" challenge, where they essentially keep a straight face while lip-syncing the sound. According to one TikTok user, "[the sound] literally not funny at all until you open your mouth for that first 'oh no.'" Some of the other videos on the sound perfectly timed the sound to real-life crashes, like this dog's high-speed collision with a table.

Of course, like most TikTok trends, ironic iterations of the sound are just as popular: "Oh no, my mental health — it's broken" is another audio that's taken inspiration from the original. But just how did this trend begin?

'Oh no...' was originally featured on America's Funniest Home Videos

The video that gave rise to this TikTok trend originally appeared on "America's Funniest Home Videos" in 2016, according to Know Your Meme. In the 24-second clip, a kid stacks actual bricks onto his family's glass coffee table. ("Oh no!" is right.) In an ending everyone except the boy saw coming, the table caves to the weight of the brick tower and shatters in the living room. The perpetrator runs to a safe observable distance and points out that yes, the table is indeed broken. 

On YouTube, the video has over 3 million views. But it's not the first time this clip has grappled with fame — on the now shut-down Vine, the video got 971,100 loops, according to Insider.

Although it's been a few years since the sound exploded on the internet, it's made a decent comeback. The fact that this sound is trending again is testament to the fact that TikTok's humor is hilarious, random, and absolutely broken. Just like the table.