Here's Where The Most Iconic Stars From Vine Are Today

Before there was TikTok videos and viral dance routines, there was an app called Vine. Much like TikTok and Instagram's "reels," the app, which was available from 2013-2017, allowed users to share short video clips lasting no more than six seconds (via The Verge). While that seems like a very short amount of time to capture anyone's attention, teens and tweens were obsessed with the app, finding viral ways to make jokes and share new fads.

As with TikTok's now-viral dance routines, Vine had tons of catch phrases and famous quotes that users were saying regularly, like "What are those?!" and "I am shooketh" (via Plus, who can forget "It's an avocado! Thanks!" 

But when Vine was removed in 2017, what happened to the users with millions of followers? As it turns out, many of them went on to have super-successful careers and are now actually well-known names in entertainment and media.

King Bach, aka Andrew Bachelor, hit the big time

Andrew Bachelor, AKA King Bach, broke into media with Vine back when it was popular. He actually had just about 16 million followers on the video-making app before it got removed and deleted (via TheThings). However, Bach hasn't let that stop his success or his fame.

Since Vine's been gone, he's become a rather well-known actor and appeared in several shows and movies, such as "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," "The Walking Dead," and "The F**k-It List." He's also been on shows such as "Wild N' Out" and "The Mindy Project" (via IMDb). He's now made a name for himself on TikTok, with just about 20 million followers. He posts videos of his day-to-day life. In addition, he shares videos from what his life is like as an actor as well. TheThings reports that Bachelor has built up a sizable net worth of about $3 million.

Jake and Logan Paul sparked various controversies

You can't mention Vine without mentioning the Paul brothers. Both Jake Paul and Logan Paul were popular on the video app before becoming big names on YouTube. At the time Vine was out, the brothers actually lived in an apartment building with other big-name Vine stars, as they helped each other get bigger and bigger on the app. 

Logan Paul went on to create some massive media controversy on YouTube, where some of his videos were seen as inappropriate and offensive, like one that was removed from the search platform featuring Logan Paul entering the suicide forest in Japan where he filmed the body of a dead man (via Insider). Since then, Logan Paul has found himself in hot water with many comments he makes in the media, but manages to still host a very popular podcast, "Impaulsive." 

Jake Paul, on the other hand, had landed himself a job playing Dirk on the Disney series "Bizaardvark." He was making a ton of money on the kid's network before facing serious lawsuits due to his partying ways in his L.A. home (via Business Insider). Performing stunts and hosting parties for his social media channels, Jake Paul was sued by neighbors who said he made the neighborhood a "living hell." He was also sued for trashing a rental home (via TMZ). Disney then decided to drop him from their series and network entirely. 

Liza Koshy is still busy

Liza Koshy was one of the most popular female comedians and video makers on Vine during its glory days. At the time, she had over 17 million followers and subscribers on Vine, and her fun videos were mostly comedy-based. That kind of content poured over into her YouTube channel, where she continued to share similar types of content for followers. 

YouTube decided to give Koshy her own show on their platform, "Liza on Demand," which premiered in 2018. The show was so popular, it was renewed for a second season and even won her multiple awards for her comedy and acting (via Deadline). She also was chosen by Nickelodeon to host the 2018 revival of "Double Dare." Her personality is so intoxicating that "Vogue" even picked her up and had her on the red carpet, interviewing celebrities and influencers at the Met Gala (via Vogue). Koshy also landed herself on Time's annual list of 25 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Most recently, as Newsweek reported, Koshy set tongues wagging when she posted pictures to social media featuring her and a mystery woman, who some people speculated was her girlfriend. However, a spokesperson for Koshy revealed that "Liza and Jenna are not dating. Jenna is Liza's best friend and personal trainer."

Lele Pons stepped back from social media

Lele Pons was the first Vine user to ever hit 1 billion video loops and was the most watched female on the app during its time. Her videos, which were short comedic clips that showcased her beauty and persona, caught the eye of many brands and big names in the industry. Following Vine's shutdown, Pons went on to make a name for herself on Instagram, having the most viewed stories in 2017 (via Business Insider). 

Pons has signed numerous beauty deals, such as one with CoverGirl, and judged on the Miss Universe Pageant panel (via Just Jared, Latin Times). Her YouTube channel has over 14 billion views and she even published a novel, "Surviving High School" (via Simon and Schuster). 

Now, Pons is making her way in the music industry, co-hosting events for Billboard and hosting a Mexican singing-competition show "La Voz México" (via Billboard, Variety). She recently took a break from social media, deleting her Instagram account to focus on her mental health (via Market Research Telecast).