If You're A Virgo, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Ah, Virgo. Your practicality, pragmatism, and caring nature make you such an asset to those around you, whether friends, family, or colleagues (via Allure). You are impeccably organized, and you keep your whole life in as perfect order as possible, from your perfectly-kept calendar to your stocked and categorized pantry. You also care deeply about the issues and causes close to your heart, and you are always trying to do your part to improve the world around you. 

So who wouldn't want to have a coffee with you? You offer impeccable and practical advice, you're level-headed and caring, and you always try to do the right thing. But when it comes to choosing that cup of coffee, what are you drinking? Taking your traits into account, we know one thing for certain; you will want your drink prepared just so, as with everything else in your life. Your particularity means you are likely to always get the same thing, and from the same place. So what's in your mug, Virgo?  

A particular cup of coffee for a particular sign

While it might seem a little presumptuous to assume someone can predict your coffee order based solely on your zodiac sign, professional Astrologer Kim Green tells Eating Well that she's actually pretty confident in her predictions in this regard. In order to conclude how a Virgo would take their coffee, she first considers the priorities of this earth sign. Not only are they practical, thrifty, and particular, but they also care a great deal about the world at large. With all of these traits at play, she comes to one conclusion: a Virgo is likely to prefer certified fair trade coffee, maybe organic as well, and they are likely to brew it themselves at home where they can have full control over the preparation and save money in the process. 

"Virgos want everything 'just so' and would want to stick to their daily routine." says Green. And the certified fair trade label would mean the people who produce the coffee are receiving proper compensation for their labor, something a Virgo would care about. So enjoy your socially-responsible homemade cup of joe, Virgo!