If You're An Aries, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Aries, represented by the ram, is the very first sign in the zodiac wheel, which makes sense, as these fire signs love to be ahead of the game, first in line, and blazing new trails (via Allure). Like their horned counterparts, they will butt their way through any obstacle and sometimes allow their ambitions and passions to cause them to plunge ahead without thinking. But Aries rarely means harm when they do this, they are just so enthused and charged up and driven that they want to get where they are going, and right away. 

Aries, like other fire signs, is not just highly motivated, but highly motivating; they are natural born leaders who create community and camaraderie simply by being themselves. They care a great deal about those they love and also about the world at large, even though they may sometimes seem self-centered. They want what they want when they want it, and they are not afraid of hard work or expending serious energy to get it. 

So when in a coffee shop, what are these rams getting (first) in line to order? 

Think bold

If predicting your coffee order based on your zodiac sign seems a little far-fetched to you, professional Astrologer Kim Green, who spoke with Eating Well on the subject, assures you it's not as crazy as it sounds. It just comes down to understanding the traits and priorities most Aries share, and then considering what their preferences would be. Green says of this fire sign, "Aries can be impulsive, and they're full of energy and creativity." As such, she thinks your ideal coffee order would be a nitro cold brew. 

This morning pick-me-up is packed with caffeine to keep you tackling your goals and ramming through those barriers (see what we did there?), and it doesn't have added sugar to cause a crash midday when you are in the middle of motivating your team or taking of the world. It's intense and strong like your personality, and honestly, someone like you doesn't need a hot beverage, right? You're already burning so bright!