The Truth About I Love A Mama's Boy's Mike And Stephanie

Sometimes, parental love and devotion can be destructive, as depicted on the hit reality TLC series, "I Love a Mama's Boy." Spotlighting committed couples who struggle to take the next step in their relationship because of the men's domineering mothers, the show has been a major hit with fans and consistently inspires heated debate on social media, too. The featured couples run the gamut from crazy-in-love to completely doomed, depending on where viewers' sensibilities lie and how heavily the moms are involved. 

Season 1 introduced viewers to Stephanie and Mike, who have to contend with Mike's domineering mother Liz, per The Cinemaholic. The pair initially met through work and fell hard for each other, with Stephanie even describing their relationship as near perfect at one stage. In contrast to other couples on the show, Mike and Stephanie also lived together, but that didn't stop Liz from butting in at every opportunity. So, have these two managed to stay committed to each other through Season 2 and beyond?

Are Mike and Stephanie still together?

"I Love a Mama's Boy" has its fair share of intrusive mothers, but Mike's mother Liz may take the cake. Per Meaww, she tried to talk her son out of a major move to California, where work opportunities had opened up for both Mike and Stephanie. Fans watched the young couple fight over the move for a while, before Stephanie finally opted to go, leaving Mike to realize just how much the relationship meant to him. However, Liz attempted to guilt trip him into staying put, even admitting in a confessional interview that she felt as though Stephanie was taking Mike away from her. Online commenters criticized Liz for being selfish, with one pointing out on Twitter that, "A good mom will always put her kids needs and wants ahead of her own wishes."

Thankfully, all seems to have worked out for the best, and as of this writing, The Cinemaholic confirms Mike and Stephanie are still happily together. Before heading off to California (where the couple currently lives), Stephanie reassured Liz that she had no interest in taking her place in Mike's life. Liz appeared to take this feedback to heart, and is working on maintaining a respectful distance. Meanwhile, Mike and Stephanie are busy leaving cute comments on each other's Instagram posts, so it seems they're still going strong ... at least for now.