Christina Perri Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Loss

In November, Christina Perri talked with People about how she suffered a pregnancy loss in 2020.

Already, the singer has a daughter, Carmella Stanley Costabile, who was born on January 17, 2018. Perri's husband, Paul Costabile — the host of "Beat the Clock," whom she married in 2017, as reported by E! News — shared that birth announcement on Instagram. After welcoming a child into the world, Perri released a lullaby album called "Songs for Carmella," and she said she pictured doing one for her future children, as well.

Perri got pregnant but suffered a miscarriage, and she became pregnant again, with a daughter the couple had decided to name Rosie. However, at 33 weeks, Perri's daughter Rosie was "born silent." The singer had already been working on this next lullaby album, and she decided to go ahead and release it. "Songs for Rosie" is out November 24, the first anniversary of Rosie's death.

Christina Perri feels her new album is 'the best way to honor Rosie,' the daughter she lost

Christina Perri says her new lullaby album is "the best way to honor Rosie," with its covers of songs like "Here Comes the Sun" and a duet with three-year-old Carmella. "When she passed away, I felt like the songs took on a different meaning, but they're still my song choices for her," Perri told People of her daughter.

The singer also discussed the support she has received while dealing with this loss. "I think I was reached out to more when Rosie passed away than ever before in my life, more than when I got a song in 'Twilight,' more than when I played on TV, or met so-and-so ... It healed and made me and my family feel very loved."

In the spring, Perri hopes to release another new album. "In the past five years, I've had the most amazing things happen, like having a daughter, getting married, and all these things in my personal life. But also these tragic things have happened, and the world and the pandemic," the singer told People. "Everyone's gone through an emotional couple years, and I feel like I have used all the emotions that I have to write new music."