Why This Old Photo Of Melania Trump Has Twitter In A Tizzy

When Jill Biden took over first lady duties from Melania Trump, many were ready to examine the differences between the two women. Most recently, the difference between how the first ladies celebrated the holiday season at the White House was discussed on Twitter. Each year, it is the duty of the first lady to decorate the White House for the holiday season, per Newsweek. Shortly before Thanksgiving 2021, Biden stood by while the first of her holiday decorations, an 18-and-a-half-foot Fraser fir from Peak Farms in North Carolina, arrived at the White House. Many took to Twitter, comparing Biden's traditional take on holiday decorations and Trump's fairly nontraditional holiday decor like red Christmas trees (nicknamed the "blood trees"). "Can't wait to see how @FLOTUS decorates for the holidays. After the morbid, dark, I hate Christmas decor of Melania it's sure to be a major improvement," one user tweeted, according to Newsweek.

While Trump was largely silent and absent during her husband's presidency, Biden has been fairly active and vocal, per SCMP. In October 2020, Trump made one of only a few public speeches, chastising the Democratic party for choosing to focus on impeaching her husband instead of handling the coronavirus pandemic. At least while her husband was in the White House, Trump was encouraging the public to follow coronavirus protocols handed down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to CNN. Now, a recent meme involving Trump and the coronavirus is currently causing quite a stir on Twitter.

A meme comparing Melania to Jill has caused quite a reaction on social media

In November 2021, Twitter user @guy_1776 posted a now-deleted meme comparing the bums of former first lady Melania Trump and what they thought to be current First Lady Jill Biden. The meme, which featured a photo of Trump and Biden from behind, called Trump's fuller bum natural immunity and Biden's flat bum "The Jab," both titles obviously referencing COVID-19 vaccines and how the two presidencies handled the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there was one large issue with the meme — Biden was not the woman standing beside Trump in the photo in the meme. Twitter users were quick to correct the original poster, with many posting the original photo from the front (sans bums) that shows Trump standing next to Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron. "Ummm, not Jill Biden. That pic is Melania with Brigitte Macron. Do your homework," one Twitter user responded to the original tweet.

The original photo from the meme was actually taken while the French president and his wife were visiting Washington, D.C. Brigitte spoke highly of Trump, calling her "kind, charming, intelligent and very open," during an interview with French publication Le Monde. Take this as your hint to always check your meme images before they go viral.