Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Superstore?

In the time "Superstore" aired on NBC, between 2015 and 2021, the workplace comedy centering on blue-collar employees at a fictional big-box store captivated audiences with its witty humor and unique take on hot-button issues, like worker inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by a relatively unknown cast at the time, except for lead actors America Ferrera and Ben Feldman, "Superstore" brought laughter and joy to viewers, as well as the cast and crew.

Gabe Miller, one of the show's executive producers, told Deadline that when it came time to shoot the finale after a six-season run, it was bittersweet for both the cast and crew. "A lot of what people said was just how special this experience was and how well this group of people worked together and the lack of egos and the collaborative creative environment," Miller added.

The TV comedy, which aired in half-hour episodes every week, not only provided laughs but also introduced audiences to a richly diverse set of talented comedians and actors, many who got their big break on "Superstore." Here's a look at what the cast of "Superstore" is up to after Cloud 9 closed its doors.

America Ferrera has been successful since and prior to the show

Veteran actress America Ferrera has graced the small (and big) screen since 2002. According to an Instagram post that Ferrera shared in April 2021, her first day as a "working actress" was in the Disney Channel made-for-TV movie, "Gotta Kick it Up!" In the caption of the throwback photo of Ferrera on-set, the actress wrote: "My mind was blown that my dream was becoming a reality. I was being PAID to act and dance." Two decades later, Ferrera is not only an actress — who later went on to star in movies like "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (there's even a possible third movie!) and TV series, including "Ugly Betty" and "Superstore," in which she played Amy, the floor supervisor — she's also a producer, activist, and director.

According to IMDb, Ferrera, a mom of two, directed and produced several episodes of "Superstore" before exiting the show following the fifth season and later returning for the series finale (per Deadline). Following "Superstore," Ferrera has been a busy working mom of two since giving birth to her second child, Lucia Marisol, in 2020, according to E! News. She's gone on to appear in and direct several episodes of the Netflix series "Gentefied" and joined the cast of "WeCrashed," a limited series on AppleTV+.

Ben Feldman has turned to voice acting

Ben Feldman, who played Jonah on "Superstore," embraced animation and voice acting following the NBC series' finale in early 2021.

Before "Superstore," Feldman had quite a few supporting roles in award-winning shows like "Silicon Valley" and "Mad Men," with a few movies under his belt as well, including the horror flick "As Above, So Below," before landing the lead role in "Superstore," per his NBC bio.

Following the "Superstore" finale, Feldman continued to lend his talents on screen, specifically his voice, to a couple of animated TV shows. He voiced the character of Tyler Tuskmon in the Disney+ animated series "Monsters At Work." In an interview with Romper, Feldman described "Monsters At Work" as a workplace comedy like "Superstore," except it's animated. "This will be a fun thing that I get to watch with my kids," he added. It's also not the only animated show he's starred in since "Superstore" wrapped: According to IMDb, he also voiced the character of Planteau in the animated TV series "Tuca & Bertie," starring actresses Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong.

Lauren Ash is a crime podcast host when she's not acting

From animated TV shows to a crime-themed (yet funny) podcast, Lauren Ash continues to make fans laugh, even after her role as Dina on NBC's "Superstore" came to an end in early 2021. In an interview with ET Canada, around the time the show ended, Ash said working on the "Superstore" set was like getting "to hang out with my friends, and we just happen to make a TV show in the process."

So, what is Ash up to now? Per Ash's Instagram bio, she co-hosts the "True Crime and Cocktails" podcast alongside Christy Oxborrow. On the podcast, they touch on everything from unsolved murders to celebrity deaths with a comedic take, according to the podcast website. Ash has also lent her talents as a voice actress to the animated series "Chicago Party Aunt." Per IMDb, former "Superstore" co-star Jon Barinholtz is also in the cast. Since her departure from "Superstore," Ash also made a cameo in "Awkwafina is Nora from Queens."

Before her role as assistant manager Dina on "Superstore," Ash's film and TV credits included "Lars and the Real Girl" and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," according to her NBC bio.

Nichole Sakura lent her talents to a promo video for MGM Resorts

Nichole Sakura, who played young mom Cheyenne in "Superstore," is making waves in Hollywood.

The University of Southern California (USC) grad, who has appeared in popular TV shows like "Shameless," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Teen Wolf" before appearing in "Superstore," according to her USC bio, has lent her voice and star power to other projects since the series finale in early 2021. One such project is the MGM Resorts' promo video released in the summer of 2021, in which she starred in, to draw tourism back to Las Vegas amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And, according to IMDb, she voiced the character of Haru on "Star Wars: Visions" on Disney+. 

Before "Superstore" wrapped in early 2021, Sakura told Us Weekly she was proud to work on the series that changed TV for the better. "We were a show that was able to make people laugh but we also didn't shy away from these really big issues. Having one of the characters deported by ICE, talking about maternity leave. Some of these subjects I've never seen on a network comedy," Sakura said.

Colton Dunn has taken on animated series and Netflix

Colton Dunn, who played Garrett on NBC's "Superstore," has been a busy man since the comedy series ended its six-season run in early 2021. Dunn has worked on a couple of animated TV shows, including "Fairfax" and "Middlemost Post," and, according to IMDb, is signed on for a live-action Netflix series starring Noah Centineo (of "To All the Boys I Loved Before" fame). He's also a busy dad, as seen on his Instagram feed. 

Dunn, who appeared in hit TV shows like "Parks and Recreation" and "MadTV" before his "Superstore" fame, never had a recurring role before landing the role of Garrett on the NBC show. According to an interview with an NBC affiliate in Chicago, Dunn loved playing Garrett, who was funny, sarcastic, and wheelchair-bound. "I think he's [the] coolest guy on the show and he's the most handsome guy on the show," he told the outlet. In the interview, Dunn noted that some viewers took offense he landed the role over an actor with a disability. "I definitely agree with the sentiment that more people with a disability should be represented on screen," he told the outlet, adding that, in a comedy series, it all comes down to "chemistry."

Mark McKinney has returned to Kids in the Hall, his longtime former show

Mark McKinney, who played store manager Glenn on NBC's "Superstore" (via his NBC bio), returned to his roots following the series' finale.

Way before his "Superstore" fame, McKinney co-created, wrote, and starred in the popular Canadian comedy sketch series "The Kids in the Hall," which, according to IMDb, premiered in 1988 and is releasing its sixth season in 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. McKinney and the rest of the sketch comedy series' cast will return to the show, which originally aired until 1995 on Comedy Central, HBO, and CBS (per Deadline). McKinney's Instagram feed has multiple photos of on-set shenanigans from "The Kids in the Hall" production. In his long-standing career, McKinney has also written for and starred on "Saturday Night Live," according to his NBC bio, and appeared in "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "Wanda at Large."

Although "Superstore" is over, it's clear McKinney will keep "Superstore" close to his heart. On Instagram, before the series' finale aired, the actor shared his audition for the role of Glenn, writing, "This literally feels like yesterday. Now I truly understand the bittersweet meaning of 'time flies when you're having FUN.'" 

Nico Santos is all about diversifying TV and appearing on Netflix

Nico Santos, who played undocumented worker Mateo, has had a lot on his plate since "Superstore" ended, and that includes a new Netflix project, among other things. According to Deadline, Santos stars in a Netflix romantic comedy alongside Ellie Kemper ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), Blythe Danner, and Luke Grimes. Like many of his "Superstore" co-stars, Santos has dabbled in animation following the series' end. He voiced the character of Robert on "The Prince," according to his IMDb profile.

Although Santos is moving on to other projects and loving life with his partner, comedian Zeke Smith, according to Today, Santos is appreciative for shows like "Superstore" opening up the doors to people like himself. "With 'Superstore,' having the type of cast that we had, one of the most diverse casts on television, that's just normal. That's the way that should be. Every show should be like that," he told Today in another interview.

Santos immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines as a teenager. Another richly diverse cast Santos has been a part of is that of "Crazy Rich Asians," which, he told the outlet, was another opportunity he had to work with a diverse cast on a movie set.

Jon Barinholtz is working with the Superstore creator on a new series

Jon Barinholtz, who played loud-mouth Marcus on NBC's "Superstore" has found success after appearing on the hit show that ended in early 2021. 

Barinholtz will appear in another NBC show, "American Auto," a workplace comedy, which Barinholtz has experience with, although "American Auto" is set in Detroit instead of St. Louis, and, rather than retail, it's about the automobile industry. Behind the show is "Superstore" creator Justin Spitzer, per Deadline. In an Instagram post, Barinholtz shared his excitement about working on "American Auto," posting a photo of the Deadline article. In addition to this new project, he joined former cast member Lauren Ash on the Netflix animated series "Chicago Party Aunt," via IMDb

Before "Superstore" fame, Barinholtz appeared in several popular TV shows, including "The Mindy Project" (which starred his famous brother, Ike Barinholtz), "Key and Peele," and "Parks and Recreation."

Kelly Stables has since turned to crime TV

Kelly Stables, who played Kelly, a sales associate who had a relationship with Ben Feldman's character, Jonah, on "Superstore," has turned to a life of crime following the series' finale in early 2021 — well, on TV, at least. 

The actress posted on Instagram a photo of her on the set of "NCIS" with the caption: "Only took me 19 seasons to finally get on America's favorite show @ncis_cbs." She played the role of Astrid Fellowes in one episode of the popular TV series. Besides "NCIS," Stables has been busy with other projects, including the animated series "Young Justice" and "Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans," per IMDb. Before "Superstore," Stables had a series of TV and film credits under her belt, including "Two and a Half Men," "The Exes," and "Horrible Bosses 2." 

Stables made her "Superstore" debut during Season 3 and went on to play the role of Kelly in 22 episodes, though she would appear in several later episodes through Season 6, per TVLine. To say Stables was excited to be back on-set would be an understatement. In an Instagram post of her in character as Kelly while shooting Season 6, she wrote in the caption, "Been having too much fun visiting with old friends and putting the blue vest back on this week!"

Kaliko Kauahi is still in touch with her former co-stars

Kaliko Kauahi, who played employee Sandra on NBC's "Superstore," took a lot away from the NBC series. "This has been the biggest role I've had," the Hawaiian actress told ET Canada prior to the airing of the series' finale. "The opportunity to go on a journey like this, where [Sandra] started off as someone so timid and shy and quiet," Kauahi said. "But she's grown so much and she's gone through a lot and she's changed" throughout the six seasons, she added.

Kauahi, who's appeared in film and TV with roles in "Hall Pass," Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and "Parks and Recreation," is grateful for the opportunities "Superstore" has given her, including the chance to work with a tight-knit cast. "We were all so lucky to work with each other," she told ET Canada, adding that they weren't only the most talented actors but also the kindest. Even after the show ended, the cast of "Superstore" still keeps in touch. In September of 2021, Kauahi posted on Instagram a photo of her and five other cast members, including America Ferrera, where she wrote, "These are the people who can make me rally to leave the house. Missed these faces so much."