The Truth About Bachelorette Contestant Jamie Skaar

The producers of Michelle Young's season of "The Bachelorette" didn't need to rely on editing tactics to create a villain. Jamie Skaar revealed that he was not someone who took accountability for his actions, even after he was eliminated. Jamie was one of the 35 contestants who made an initial impression on Michelle, as she chose him for the first one-on-one date (via Screen Rant). The two spent time rock-climbing and getting to know each other when Jamie decided to tell Michelle a concerning rumor about her.

The rumor was that Michelle reportedly knew another contestant in the house and that the men were questioning her character as a fair Bachelorette. It was an outright lie. However, Michelle was quick to confront Jamie in front of the other men and sent him home before the rose ceremony (via YouTube). Even then, Jamie maintained that he only said that to protect Michelle. One fan tweet summed it up best: "Jamie just gaslit every man in that room." Fans were also upset with the dichotomy of Jamie's actions, where he wanted to protect Michelle but also told a producer that she must be in "spring-break mode" after he didn't like her behavior towards him (via Elite Daily).

Unsurprisingly, the former contestant has made a few other problematic statements, too.

Jamie Skaar has a problematic Twitter history

If his stint on "The Bachelorette" is any evidence, Jamie Skaar isn't good with accountability. When he came off the show, he told the world in an Instagram Story (via Screen Rant), "Internet hate can't touch me. Don't defend me. Don't engage. The same ppl w: hate prolly the same ppl that ask for pics when I'm out. It's all good. I'm good. No waiver. It's all words on a screen. All love."

But Jamie also reportedly has a history of "hating" marginalized groups on the internet. Real Bachelor Jobs first tracked Jamie's old Twitter history, where he tweeted misogynistic and racist things. "Ugly girls deserve a chance too ... that's why god created after hours" is one of the tamer reported tweets from Jamie. He also reportedly had many appalling opinions about Black women. Considering that he was on a show where the season's lead was a Black woman, these tweets are definitely relevant and deserve an apology. 

Considering Jamie claims to have never watched an episode of reality TV before participating in one, he may not have realized the internet doesn't leave a stone unturned when it comes to contestants.