Here's What The December 4 New Moon Means If You're A Virgo

Being a Virgo can be hard. There are things everyone gets wrong about Virgos, and they're so particular and organized in life that Virgos should only marry a certain type of person. Consequently, this also means that Virgos shouldn't marry certain types of people. This is all because of Virgo's zodiac-given traits.

According to Co—Star, Virgos need to feel useful to feel good about themselves, and they're also not only organized but also constantly thinking. This can lead to them becoming mentally blocked at times because their mental organizational skills aren't always as good as their physical ones. Moreover, they're very aware of spatial awareness because of these organizational skills, which makes them great librarians, archivists, and interior designers.

Despite their organizational skills, Virgos may not be ready for the upcoming new moon on December 4. This day is doubly a solar eclipse day, per Well+Good, meaning everyone's feelings and senses will be out of whack. Virgos will be affected worse because they won't be able to control or organize these feelings or senses on this day like they wish they'd be able to.

Virgos need to return home during the new moon

The upcoming December 4 new moon will be in Sagittarius, per the Astrology King, and it will generally urge people to become better used to change and more open to flexibility and open mindedness. This is a spiritual new moon and solar eclipse, so it will require every sign to look inward and figure out how they can better themselves.

For Virgos specifically, home and family will be important during this new moon and eclipse (via Well + Good). "You begin to assess what beliefs you hold dear and what beliefs you're only holding onto because of family conditioning," explained astrologer Ryan Marquardt. However, there's no cookie cutter answer as to what familial issues may arise. This depends on each individual Virgo, who must absolve themselves of the home or family problems plaguing them. If there aren't problems, this may simply act as a call to, well, call your family and tell them you love them. Rekindle with them.

Because Virgos will be called to the home and family and the Astrology King notes that this new moon and solar eclipse is rooted in flexibility and open mindedness, this may further be a call for Virgos to understand that they can't fix every family member, no matter how organized they are. There may be disputes in a family, and sometimes there's no quick solution. Flexibility will be key for the home and family to continue evolving together.