If You're A Virgo, This Is The Type Of Person You Shouldn't Marry

Those born between August 22 and September 22 fall under the Virgo sun sign. If you happen to be a Virgo, Co-Star Astrology states that you tend to be like a "walking encyclopedia" and love to feel useful. You're probably also "logical, practical, and systematic" in your approach to life, which is why you can be quite picky in the love department, per Allure

Ultimately, you want to find a perfect match — especially when it comes to marriage. Co-Star Astrology states that it takes "a while" for most Virgos to fall in love, and that's because you can be a bit cynical when it comes to romance. However, the right person is out there — you just have to know what to look out for and who to avoid. 

While every person is different, there are some zodiac signs and personality types that aren't as compatible with a Virgo like you. So, here are a few types of people you may want to stray away from. 

Virgos should avoid unstable and cocky partners

Astrologer and psychic medium Suzie Kerr Wright tells Bustle that most Virgos would "rather be alone than in the wrong relationship." That means you won't settle for just anyone. You're looking for a long-term partner, which means you may want to avoid Sagittariuses, according to Brides. Your need to feel useful may mean you're drawn to people you can fix, like a reckless Sag. However, after a while, you may get tired of having to clean up after your Sagittarius partner. 

Since you like your stability, you tend to do well in relationships with your fellow Earth signs — Capricorn and Taurus (via Cosmopolitan). You're also an analytical genius, according to PureWow, which is why you might like a fellow intellectual like an Aquarius. However, an Aquarius loves to "provoke others" with what they know, and you'd rather use your knowledge for good. With this in mind, you might want to find someone who can challenge you mentally but isn't looking to one-up you all the time. 

Lastly, Compatible Astrology shows low compatibility scores between Virgos and Geminis. These combinations may face issues with money and physical intimacy, and their very different temperaments may lead to many arguments. With all of this in mind, go forth and find yourself the perfect match!