What Is Rose Hanbury's Connection To Queen Elizabeth?

If there's one thing fans of the royal family have learned throughout the years, it's that they keep close ties with other families that span generation after generation. That's why chances are if you've seen someone in royal circles, their connection to the family can often be traced back hundreds of years.

Rose Hanbury is one such figure. Officially, Hanbury is known as the Marchioness of Cholmondeley (per Town & Country). Hanbury married to David Rocksavage, the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, in 2009. Though they'd been together for six years prior, the couple's road to the altar was a quick one. They announced their engagement, then announced they were expecting the next day. The day after, they were married, per Tatler.

The couple is also known to be close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton. It's that relationship that made headlines when it was alleged that an affair took place between Hanbury and the Duke, which allegedly resulted in Hanbury being iced out of their circle of friends for some time. Despite the unsavory connection to the royals, it's not the alleged affair or her title that put Hanbury in the royal orbit in the first place.

Rose's relationship to the royals can be traced back to her grandmother

Rose Hanbury's royal connection goes back generations. Her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert (who would later become Lady Elizabeth Longman), was a longtime friend to Queen Elizabeth. Lambert's father, the 10th Earl of Cavan, was a good friend to George VI, the Queen's father, per Hello! Magazine. Lambert's godmother was none other than Queen Mary.

Lambert and the Queen were friends in childhood and kept that friendship going throughout their lives. When it was time for Elizabeth to marry Prince Philip, Lambert was chosen as one of two non-royal bridesmaids (via The Daily Mail). When Lambert married publisher Mark Longman two years later, both Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were in attendance. The Queen would even become godmother to her first child, Caroline.

Their friendship would continue until the death of Lady Longman in 2016, which deeply affected Queen Elizabeth.