Why The Phrase 'Jimmy Falloning' Has Become Popular Among Fellow Actors

Late-night host Jimmy Fallon has an impressive resumé. Some may even be surprised to know that Fallon can also add being a professional model to his list of occupations. It's true. "The Tonight Show" star was featured in print ads for the iconic designer Calvin Klein in the early 2000s. If the idea of Fallon flashing his own version of Blue Steel for the famous brand isn't surprising enough, it might be interesting to learn that the "Fever Pitch" actor has also inspired a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor (per Money Inc).

Fallon is taken seriously as a professional in the world of showbusiness due to his impressive resumé. However, the issue is that he might not be taking himself seriously enough. We're referring to his constant outbursts of laughter. In fact, the comedian and talk show host is so prone to breaking into fits of giggles right in the middle of a scene or interview, that some fans have even created a name for it, Hollywood Mask reported. 

Jimmy Falloning has occurred in many famous scenes

So, what exactly is 'Jimmy Falloning'? Well, it's a syndrome, a name, and a verb all in one. The Urban Dictionary describes the term as "Breaking character. Laughing or going out of character while performing an act." Just as the "SNL" alum is known for. 

Luckily for Fallon, he's in good company when it comes to breaking character. Some famous scenes that have been broken by actors who have fallen victim to so-called Jimmy Falloning include the now legendary "Friends" scene in which Ross was trying to carry a couch up the stairs and was yelling "pivot." Per Crafty, a memorable segment from "The Wolf of Wall Street" was Jimmy Falloned when actor Jonah Hill couldn't keep a straight face with his co-star, Jon Bernthal. 

Luckily for Fallon, his inability to stay in character is viewed as more charming than unprofessional, so he manages to get away with it.