Here's What The December 4 New Moon Means If You're An Aquarius

For every new moon, an opportunity for a new "you" arises. While the moon has commonly been worshipped across ancient cultures, whether it's to bring in good harvests or battle wins (via Britannica), the Earth's satellite is still relevant in today's spirituality. The waxing and waning cycles of the moon are now used as a tool of self reflection and discovery; your moods and energy levels can feel directly linked to the phases of the moon (via Bustle).


The full moon is the last phase while the new moon is the first and they can have a larger impact on you than the rest of the phases. While the full moon energizes you to take action, the new moon helps you reflect on what you want those goals to be, per Bustle. Essentially, it's time to begin manifesting and setting up your vision board. The last new moon of 2021 is coming your way, on December 4, and while you can't see the new moon in the sky, you will definitely find clarity in yourself. Read on for what this new moon means for Aquarius.

New beginnings in relationships

The new moon in December 4 will be in the zodiac sign Sagittarius (the moon and sun are always in the same signs throughout the year). It'll also bring a solar eclipse with it, which is known to speed up an abrupt change that was already in the works for your destiny (via Cosmopolitan). In other words, the eclipse adds a little bit of spice to the new moon, in the form of chaotic energy.


For Aquarius, this time will affect your socialization and relationships. Astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Well and Good, "On the one hand, you may be surrounding yourself with people who are too similar to you, and on the other hand, you might realize there's no continuity with your friend groups, and you need to find new folks with whom you really mesh." Allure's resident astrologer Sophie Saint Thomas also says that you should keep yourself open to new beginnings in love — the eclipse isn't looking too terrible for Aquarius, so far. Basically, it's a time for you to reevaluate your relationships and know your self worth, Aquarius. And that means, don't text your ex.