Why Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Joe Biden's Secret Service Agent

Being the President of the United States is a big and dangerous job. According to the New Statesman, the Presidents of the United States have a fatality rate that is roughly 27 times more than lumberjacks. Yes, the men who cut down giant trees for a living have a better chance of survival than the leader of a country!

When you look at how many presidents have been elected, there is an 18.6 percent chance that they would not survive their term. Many people are aware of the risk that comes with being a world leader, but that is a staggering statistic.

Due to the risk that comes with being president, the leader is assigned Secret Service agents for life (via White House History). The Secret Service was originally founded in 1865. The guards work with the Department of Homeland Security to keep the president safe.

Now that Joe Biden is president, the Secret Service is getting a lot of press. However, the reason behind their popularity may not be what you expect.

Biden's Secret Service agent is getting a lot of attention

If you are seeing the Secret Service talked about a bunch on Twitter lately and are unsure why, the reason might surprise you. According to those on Twitter, President Biden has one specific Secret Service agent who is worth talking about (via the New York Post). The reason behind the popularity? His looks, of course!

The spotlight on this specific agent started on TikTok where one user made a video that stated, "Forget about the PRESIDENT. The 'SECRET SERVICE' be looking fine." The commenters had a field day (via Indy 100). One user said, "Biden's Baddies is how I will refer to his Secret Service from now on."

Twitter reacted the same way. "Thinking about Biden's hot secret service guy," one user tweeted. Another shared, "To quote Vanity from 'The Last Dragon' dude can 'guard my body.'"

The internet clearly cannot get enough of President Biden's secret service agent.