Whatever Happened To Married At First Sight's Brandon Reid?

After dozens of seasons and multiple spin-offs, "Married at First Sight" is an experiment that we can all agree isn't great for marriages. But the premise of strangers legally binding themselves to each other without actually seeing each other before definitely makes for great reality TV. The Lifetime show has had a cult-like following since its release, which is what has allowed the spectacle to remain on the air for so long.

While there are many memorable moments from the show, Brandon Reid's incidents with the production team and his wife Taylor Dunklin remain a disaster that isn't easy to forget. Brandon appeared on Season 10 of "MAFS" and quickly became one of the most controversial figures in the show. While his chemistry with Taylor initially made their match a popular one — at least, according to fans on Reddit — a quick annulment two episodes into the show proved that the hypothesis had failed. What has Brandon been up to since?

Brandon Reid hated the camera

Ironically, one of the main issues Brandon Reid had with "Married at First Sight" was being on camera. As fans remember, he gave Taylor Dunklin the silent treatment after she woke him up with "a camera in [his] face" and challenged the producers when they asked him to keep his microphone on. His arguments and misdirected anger did not sit well with anyone, and the two had their marriage annulled before the wedding episodes even aired in 2020, per People. A source spoked to the publication, "They have the most intense love-hate relationship. Right now it's hate, but I wouldn't be surprised if next week it comes back to love." Spoiler alert: it did not. The two had an intense altercation at a bar, leading to them filing restraining orders against each other, per the New York Post.

Brandon has been consistent with his dislike of filming, as he didn't appear at the reunion, nor is he active on social media, according to Monsters and Critics. As Reality TV World notes, Reid was a beer sales manager in Washington, D.C. prior to his reality TV stardom — and it looks like he's uninterested in capitalizing on his fame (or notoriety).

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