The Heartbreaking Death Of America's Got Talent Musician Jay Jay Phillips

Jay Jay Phillips, a rock star renowned for his distinctive throwback coif and who appeared several times on "America's Got Talent," has died. The 30-year-old musician's family confirmed the news to TMZ. They claim he fell victim to complications related to COVID-19. He reportedly contracted the disease and was under the weather but refused to go to the hospital the week of Thanksgiving. His mom and girlfriend found him dead in his home Thanksgiving Day.

Phillips is said to have not been vaccinated. However, a family member told the publication that he had recently voiced interest in getting a shot. His father, with whom he lived, is also ill, reportedly hospitalized and on a ventilator.

Mettal Maffia, Phillips' band, paid tribute to him on social media earlier this week. "It is with great sadness we inform you all of the loss of our bandmate/brother/and friend [Jay Jay Phillips]. It still doesn't feel real and we would give anything to change it," they wrote alongside a photo of the musician superimposed over green angel wings. "We miss you brother, every second of every minute, of every day. Thank you for teaching us all to laugh a little more. Rock in Paradise" (via Instagram).

Jay Jay Phillips tried out twice for America's Got Talent

His large mane of dark hair made Jay Jay Phillips a distinctive figure. If he looks familiar, it is likely because you saw the self-described "rock'n'roll keyboardist" (via YouTube) as a contestant on "America's Got Talent" one of the two times he tried out.

He first attempted to land a spot on the show in 2009, and came back for a second go in 2017. He made it further his second time around, but still failed to progress past the quarterfinals, according to Deadline. The Cleveland, Ohio native was featured in local press ahead of his 2017 showing (via Cleveland).

Although he tried out for the show more than once, Phillips apparently was ready to move on to different ventures. The musician gushed about his band Mettal Maffia in his last post on Instagram, dated October 13. "I'm 50 million times more excited about this than the whole AGT thing," he wrote. "I'm so grateful to rock out with my brothers and sisters and dude I love this band and them so much."

We wish his family, friends, and bandmates well. May he rest in peace.