The Secret Martha Stewart Is Keeping About Her Love Life

Martha Stewart has been a lot of things throughout the years; a lifestyle media mogul, a television personality, an inmate. But if there's one thing she's mastered, it's cultivating a brand for herself. In what can only be described as the comeback of the century, she went from a disgraced businesswoman charged with insider trading to an advertising icon standing beside Snoop Dogg and clearly living her best life. Following a "thirst trap" post of herself in the pool, she also swiftly reentered the dating game. Speaking on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Stewart discussed her love life and dropped a bit of a bombshell. She is dating someone, but isn't naming any names. 

During her chat with Cohen on Thursday, Stewart said that she had "quite a few" famous bachelors slide into her DMs after posting her pool selfie on Instagram last summer, per People. However, she didn't go on any dates with the men who reached out. That's not to say she's still living the single life, though. Cohen asked her during the interview if she's currently seeing anyone and after an initial "no," Stewart clarified, "I shouldn't say no. I mean yes, but I'm not going to tell you." 

Ever the gentleman, Cohen didn't push her to reveal any more information about her mysterious suitor, but Stewart tends to keep her romantic mingling on the down-low. She did, however, clarify to Cohen that she didn't date Larry King — despite rumors to the contrary.

Martha Stewart's love life

Even if Martha Stewart didn't meet her current partner through the resulting onslaught of messages from her pool photo, it was a hot topic. Chatting during her show "Martha Knows Best" with pal Chelsea Handler — who recreated the now famous photo — Stewart joked about its aftermath. "Do you get any that are actually worth considering?" Handler asked, per Yahoo!. "I was too busy enjoying the instant fame from a stupid selfie, for God's sake, to engage with any proposals!" Stewart joked. "That's what's wrong with me; that's why I'm still not married after a long marriage."

As fans may recall, Stewart was married to publisher Andrew Stewart for 29 years and they share a child. Speaking with People a few years after their 1990 divorce, Martha said that their marriage started strong, but suffered under the weight of her growing fame. "The life that I had is over," she said at the time. "And what has taken its place is better."

Since then, Martha has talked a little about her dating life. She was involved with Sir Anthony Hopkins for a while, but ended things after watching his career-defining film "Silence of the Lambs." "I would have probably had a very nice relationship with Anthony Hopkins, but I couldn't get passed the Lector thing," she told Howard Stern in 2006, (per Distractify). Whoever the lucky person is who has locked down Stewart, they should probably avoid acting in horror movies.