Baby Names Everyone Will Be Using In 2022

When it comes to choosing a baby name, parents-to-be have a lot of things to consider. For starters, some people want to choose baby names that are in the family already, as a way to honor a living or deceased family member. Some parents prioritize other concerns, such as choosing a baby name that is rare or even a little unusual.

Baby name trends in 2022 are already shaping up to be pretty interesting, with Cosmopolitan stating that parents will be gravitating toward baby names that fit into a few key trends. For starters, after two years of dealing with the pandemic, it seems that many parents are looking for playful and fun names for their 2022 babies. Parents are also paying more attention to gender-neutral and/or non-binary baby names, along with acknowledging that the biological sex a baby is assigned at birth does not necessarily equate to gender.

Additionally, a lot of parents are forecast to be into nature-themed names that remind them of a favorite beach, trip, or even flower. Here's a peek into some of the baby names that are set to be big in the coming year!


Many sources are predicting that parents will want to give their children playful names in 2022, and with that in mind it's not a surprise that the whimsical name Birdie is at the top of a lot of lists (including ours). Birdie is a name that hails from both English and Swedish origins, and it means exactly what you might think — bird. 

While Nameberry notes that the name Birdie really hit its heyday all the way back in the 1880s, it's possible (perhaps even probable) that use of the name is on the rise. Actress Busy Philips chose the name for her oldest child twelve years ago, and explained to Today that she and her husband chose the name in part because she grew up being called a name that was short for her actual first name (Elizabeth) and didn't want to do the same to her kids. Instead, "we decided that if wanted to call our kids something, we would just name them that thing that we wanted to call them."


If the idea of naming a baby, well, Baby, has you scratching your head, you might soon be in the minority. BabyCenter has included the name on its list of playful baby names we can expect to see and hear in the coming year. As the site notes, the name last hit its stride from 1989 to 2003, which was largely due to the popularity of the movie "Dirty Dancing" (the main character is nicknamed Baby). In the movie, Frances Houseman is called Baby simply because she is the youngest member of the family, and there's no indication that the name is used for any other reason (per Screen Rant).

It's possible the name has been revived in part because of Australian model Jessica Hart, who told People in 2020 that she named her daughter Baby-Rae because of the film. Hart explained to the publication that she and her husband were having a tough time figuring out a name when she suggested Baby, saying, "Finally, probably a month before she was born, I said what about Baby, and he said, 'Oh my gosh, I love it.'"


After two years of coronavirus and all of the restrictions and rules that have been in place around the world, it's probably not a surprise that nature-themed baby names are expected to be on the rise in 2022, too. After all, many of us have spent a lot of that time fantasizing about trips to locations around the world, from deserts to the mountains to beaches. With that in mind, it makes sense that a name like Ocean is on the rise, and Nameberry notes that while the name ranked 800th in terms of popularity in the US in 2020, in 2021 it jumped up to 402nd in popularity on the site.

While Ocean is typically a boy's name that has Aboriginal roots (per Nameberry), some baby name trend forecasts, such as the one found on TheBump, indicate the name will grow in popularity for girls, too. As Johnson & Johnson has pointed out, nature-themed baby names have been steadily rising since 2017, which could mean we will all see a lot more Oceans running around in 2022.


Prairie is another example of a baby name inspired by nature, and the name is predicted to be pretty popular in 2022. In fact, the name being used at all would be a huge surge, as Nameberry currently has it ranked as the 1,453rd most popular name for girls, and the name isn't even on the charts for boys. The site also points out that while Prairie has so far been a name that parents are giving their daughters, it's also a name that is "picking up where first Jesse and then Dakota left off" for boys (per Nameberry).

Prairie as a baby name also taps into another trend that will be big in 2022: gender-neutral or unisex baby names. Cosmopolitan refers to these names as "non-binary" names for babies, explaining that more and more parents are looking for baby names that aren't strictly assigned to one biological sex or the other, but instead are a fit with a whole host of gender identities. 


While the name Daphne isn't exactly new — Nameberry has noted that it's been in the top 1000 baby girl names nearly every year since 1880 in the United States — it has surged in popularity since 2020. If you're wondering why, look no further than Netflix: Cosmopolitan, along with other publications, has noted that names inspired by the show "Bridgerton" are well on their way to being quite popular in 2022. 

According to Nameberry, the name Daphne hearkens back to Greek mythology. Daphne is the daughter of river god Peneus. The site also notes that in the story, Daphne is transformed into a laurel tree to thwart the advances of an unwanted suitor. Laurel trees are part of the daphne tree genus, hence the reference.

The site also notes that to many Americans, the name inspires visions of Britain due to the popularity of "Bridgerton" and "Frasier," two television shows that feature women named Daphne front-and-center. These aren't the only shows that have characters named Daphne, as fans of "Scooby-Doo" know.


For readers of Greek mythology, the name Atlas is quite symbolic. As written by Theoi Greek Mythology, Atlas is responsible for keeping the entire world afloat — literally. Nameberry notes that while the name was once not a likely choice for a baby boy or girl, it now has joined its cousins Mars, Zeus, and Apollo as viable baby names. The name Atlas completely spiked in 2021, rising up from spot No. 189 in 2020 to spot No. 13 in terms of popularity (per Nameberry).

As is fitting for a name inspired by someone who carried the world on his back, shares that the name Atlas means "support."

The baby name choice also fits the bill for "earthy names," which Mental Floss posits will be all the rage in 2022. As the site points out, plenty of people have strong feelings of wanderlust after mostly sticking to their nearby surroundings for two years, and parents-to-be are definitely looking toward the world around them (and beyond) for baby name inspiration.


In keeping with its prediction that playful and nonbinary names will be big in 2022, Cosmopolitan has added Bear to its list of baby names to look out for next year. The name has pretty obvious origins — Nameberry points out that it simply means "bear," as in the animal — and the site notes that celebrities have already been invoking the name for their own offspring for a while now. In fact, "Clueless" alum Alicia Silverstone named her son Bear Blu, and "Titanic" star Kate Winslet similarly named her child Bear Blaiz.

Thus far, Bear is pretty popular in the United States (and that popularity is only rising). Nameberry puts the name Bear at No. 148 on its list for 2021, noting that in England the name has recently cracked into the top 900.

For some, the name could conjure up visions of another famous Bear from yesteryear — former University of Alabama football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant. While the name was only a nickname for the coach, fans and colleagues alike often referred to the man as his nickname Bear instead of his first name (per ESPN).


When it comes to playful names we can all expect to see for baby girls born in 2022, Coco is high on just about everyone's list. The name's meaning doesn't stray too far from what likely comes to mind when you hear it; says that the meaning is simply "chocolate bean." 

Nameberry notes that the name has long been associated with Coco Chanel, and many fans of the hit television show "Friends" probably remember that Courteney Cox named her daughter Coco when she was born in 2004. If some were baffled by the name, dad David Arquette later explained that the origin story is far simpler than many might realize. While speaking on "Lopez Tonight" in 2010 Arquette said, "It's sort of an abbreviation of 'COurtney COx' ... 'CoCo'" (via Us Weekly). also adds more allure to the name, sharing that it's of Spanish origin. That detail might be especially interesting for parents who might be looking for a little international flair. 


Wren is yet another baby name inspired by nature that is on track to be big in the coming year. As Nameberry notes, the baby name is related to other bird-themed named, including Lark and Robin. The publication also shares that the popularization of Wren is still relatively new; it entered into the top 1000 baby names in the United States in 2012.

Naming your baby Wren might lend fairly significant weight to the young child. The name means "magician of birds" in Ireland, and the Druids thought the wren was a prophetic bird (per Nameberry). 

Mental Floss also notes that Wren can be considered a gender-neutral baby name, or even a baby name for boys. If you're curious, the site also counts names such as Artemis, Blair, Sasha, and Scout among those that are similarly considered gender-neutral options for boys. However, Baby Name Science defines Wren as a name for baby girls, also noting that the name first entered the baby name charts all the way back in 1981.


Taiga is a baby name that's predicted to be big in 2022 because it hits on several big themes we can expect to see. The name is both nature-inspired, as it directly references snow forests that are common in frigid locations, and it's gender-neutral to boot. In fact, while Taiga is only recently beginning to emerge as a baby name in the United States, Culture Tour shares that the name has Japanese origins.

Though many families have used Taiga as a name for baby boys, Nameberry predicts that the name is on the rise for girls. The name also has Russian roots, having evolved from Turkic languages to Russian.

Baby Names Science posits that Taiga is likely a great choice for families who are looking for a unique name for their child. As the site notes, Taiga's popularity ranking is currently 1 in 128,853. If wanting a name that no one else in your child's kindergarten class will have is your goal, Taiga might be the ticket.


While the baby name Iggy is generally thought to be short for the name Ignatius, it's beginning to enter the fray as a name all by itself. Nameberry notes that the name has traditionally been used for boys and means "fiery." The name also has quite a lot of uniqueness to it, as Nameberry has it ranked as the 633rd most popular baby name in 2021.

Iggy certainly hits on a few key themes for baby names in 2022, especially as it leans toward the gender-neutral and is certainly quite playful. Fans of rock music are likely reminded of Iggy Pop from The Stooges, a man who has certainly lived up to the "fiery" meaning behind his name. He told Interview Magazine as much when he once explained, "Generally I don't look before I leap in life, and it gets me into a lot of s***, but on the other hand I think it helps to put a little juice in the work. But I get in trouble for that."


Koa is a beautiful baby name of Hawaiian origins that has a powerful meaning. The University of Hawaii-Hilo defines the name as "Brave, bold, fearless, valiant; bravery, courage" and notes that the name alludes to being or acting like a soldier. Koa definitely has a natural, earthy vibe to it, and also neatly fits the 2022 bill for gender-neutral names. 

If the island-specific origins of Koa are attractive to you, it's worth noting that koa trees are also native to the Hawaiian islands. Nameberry explains that the wood from koa trees is ideal for making surfboards and canoes. Nameberry also notes that Koa has become an alternative for families who are looking for a baby name that is similar to the ever-popular Noah.  

The Social Security Administration has also been tracking the rise of the name Koa, and it turns out the name has made quite the leap. In 2017, Koa was ranked as the 937th most popular baby name, but in 2020 it had climbed up to spot 587.


While Teddy has traditionally been a nickname or shortened version of the name Theodore, it's really moving through the baby name rankings as a name all on its own. This could be because Theodore is wildly popular this year, with Nameberry ranking the name as the second most popular name for baby boys in 2021 and the Social Security Administration placing it in the No. 23 spot in 2020.

For many parents, the meaning of the name Teddy is enough. writes that the definition is "divine gift," which is certainly how a lot of parents feel about their children. The site also notes that while we all know how popular Theodore is, the name Teddy is not currently ranked in the top 100 baby names in the United States ... which leaves a lot of open room for parents who are looking for something a little special.

Teddy is also in line with the 2022 baby name trends we can expect to see, as the name is both gender-neutral and definitely playful.


When it comes to baby names that are expected to top the charts in 2022, the name Blue might just be one of the biggest winners. The name is nature-themed, as it calls to mind rivers, lakes, skies, and oceans. It's also tremendously playful, as naming your baby after any color would be. On top of that, Blue is easily a gender-neutral name, and can be used to name any baby.

Of course, there's another reason why Blue might be popular: Beyoncé's nine-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. And as Glamour points out, Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren't the only parents with a Blue. In 1976, Cher named her child Elijah Blue, and plenty of other celebrities have opted to use the name as a middle name as well.

However, if Blue is going to make it big in 2022 as a baby name, this will be the first year ever. The Social Security Administration's site reveals that the name has not been in the top 1000 baby names for any year in the 2000s, which almost guarantees at the least the first wave of 2022 Blues will be unique in their names.