Married To Real Estate Season 1: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

HGTV has always been a haven for lovers of all things home related. Whether you're into house flipping, interior design, or even just vacation homes — they've got it all. There's certainly no shortage of home renovation shows, but HGTV continues to release more and more gems each year. They've provided the gift of "Property Brothers" as well as the iconic "Fixer Upper." Stars of their shows even go on to launch successful home ranges and best-selling books like Chip and Joanna Gaines (via Closer Weekly).

Something HGTV has always been great at doing is mixing and matching between spinoffs and crossovers. If you spend enough time on the channel, you're guaranteed to see repeats of the same familiar faces. For some reason, there's just something so satisfying about watching talented people tear down homes and transform them while comfortably sitting on your couch thinking, "Yeah, I could do that." Well, HGTV has done it again with their upcoming "Married to Real Estate" show, featuring some familiar faces.

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson make a comeback

While "Married to Real Estate" is a brand new HGTV show, you're likely to recognize the stars. Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson have already been HGTV regulars with their shows "Property Virgins" and "Flipping Virgins" that are featured on the network (via Sportskeeda). The couple have even been featured as guest judges on HGTV's competition show "Rock the Block."

The Sherrod and Jackson work amazingly together. When speaking about their chemistry Sherrod shared, "I'm obsessed with real estate and helping people find their perfect home. Mike and I find families a house in the right neighborhood and renovate it into their dream home, with the goal that they move in with equity in their new place. We aim to over-deliver for our clients" (via Heavy).

Jackson has also beamed to Heavy about how much he loves working with her, "Egypt and I work well together, and we enjoy working together. We've lived in and renovated 11 homes that we eventually sold for a profit, so we're able to advise our clients on how to spend their money the right way to maximize a home's value." So, what are the pair working on this time? 

What is "Married to Real Estate" all about?

On November 20, HGTV took to their social media accounts to announce their lineup of brand new titles that were soon to be launching on the network — and top of the list was "Married to Real Estate" (via Instagram). HGTV described the new show as, "Husband and wife duo Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are back in action! Join the happy couple as they set out to help families find homes to upgrade in their dream neighborhoods." 

The show appears to be a classic HGTV favorite genre, where the couple will work to help new clients transform properties into their dream homes. With Sherrod being a real estate broker and designer, and husband Jackson being a builder they're likely to create stunning homes with cost-efficient renovations. 

Jackson shared an announcement for the show's release via Instagram as well, and gave a little intel to what fans can expect from the show. "In the premiere episode, Egypt and Mike will tour two unique properties with a couple who is passionate about mid-century modern style ... Throughout the season, Egypt and Mike also will collaborate and compromise to manage their own personal and home projects, including building a basement design studio, searching for a new office space and creating a big girl bedroom for their youngest child," written in the caption.

When is the "Married to Real Estate" release date?

HGTV's announcement of their newest show "Married to Real Estate" instantly came with a release date, much to fans' delight (via Instagram). The show will premiere on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 9/8c on HGTV. Fans can also stream the show via Discovery+. 

The show is going to consist of eight episodes, each lasting 60 minutes (via Realscreen). According to Realscreen, HGTV's President Jane Latman has already spoken about the expected success of the show during a press release. She shared, "Egypt already built a huge fan base as a proven real estate and renovation expert, but now we get to see her in action with Mike, her husband and business partner, and together they are positively irresistible." Latman added, "If Egypt and Mike are on a home buying and renovation team, everyone wins. And, fans are going to fall in love as they watch them work together, raise their family, and share the humor and fun in their unique relationship."