A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Lucy Punch Reveals Her Favorite Past Projects - Exclusive

Actor Lucy Punch has starred in some big hits over the course of her career, from her hilarious part in "Dinner for Schmucks," to her role as Lucinda in "Into the Woods," to her much scarier character in "Silent Night." Yet, out of everything she's starred in, it's Punch's recurring role in the television series "Motherland" that has fans stopping most to do a double take whenever she's out and about.

As a mother herself, her character in the series is one she understands well, and these are exactly the types of roles she is drawn to. "It's always if I can identify with the character or find something in it that ... that just feels like a real person," she told The List in an exclusive interview. While her role in the British sitcom is one that will always be special to her — and to the many fans who pass her by on the street — there's a particular genre that is near and dear to her heart.

Lucy Punch's favorite projects have all been family films

Of all the projects that Lucy Punch has been a part of, her favorite ones all have something very special in common. "I've done a few kid things," the actor told us. "And I love, I love being recognized and known by the children. I find that really charming and endearing." 

Her work has not gone unnoticed by young fans either. Punch has portrayed the evil stepsister Hattie in "Ella Enchanted" and the villainous Esmé Squalor in "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Over the years, she's been approached by many who have seen both. "Kids get so excited to go, 'It's you!'" she told us. Not only is it a magical moment for these young ones to see their favorite character off screen, but it's an equally special moment for Punch. "I find that really sweet," she said.

Lucy Punch's newest film, "Silent Night," is now in theaters and on AMC+.