The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Virgo

If you have a Virgo in your life (born between August 23 and September 22), you are likely very fortunate to have a loyal, loving, helpful friend, partner, sibling, or parent (via Allure). Virgos are logical, practical, and perfectionistic, but they are also deeply caring people who, for the most part, put those traits to the best possible use: improving the lives of people around them.

Their logic, practicality, and attention to detail make them wonderful confidantes, as they are able to not only listen carefully, but to offer very actionable solutions to problems you might be experiencing. Because they are very grounded in the physical world, this earth sign is able to cut through the fog that the complexity of emotion can create and offer real, tangible solutions to try.   

Virgos care a lot about their hearth and home; if you enter the space of a Virgo, you are likely to find perfectly-organized pantry shelves, comforts that make practical as well as aesthetic sense, and probably a beloved pet. This earth sign is very connected to the natural world and to animals especially, and they are happiest with a furry friend.    

Virgos appreciate practical gifts

Because Virgos like to keep their lives, homes, cars, and workspaces in perfect order, they appreciate gifts that help them to do that (via Refinery 29). This grounded sign will spend a great deal of time and effort to keep things organized, clean, and functioning like a well-oiled machine, so if you can find a way to make that easier for them, they will be grateful. While a booklet of pre-paid carwashes or a more energy-efficient appliance might not seem super romantic to you, you're likely to receive a sincerely warm and grateful response from your Virgo. 

Along these same lines, Virgos take great pride in their things and take care of them so they will last. Sometimes, though, this means that they can't justify replacing something that probably needs to be replaced because it might feel extravagant to them. So gifting them that new winter coat they keep looking at and not buying, or a less beat-up pair of nice boots is likely to make their day.  

Virgos appreciate gifts they wouldn't buy for themselves

Because Virgos are so pragmatic and practical, they might dream of buying something for themselves that they would consider impractical, but they are more likely to wistfully stare at it in a shop window for months at a time rather than ever actually allowing themselves to buy it. They also tend to have hobbies and collections that they are passionate about, but it takes a lot for them to feel "justified" in adding to those collections or buying something to feed the hobby (via Medium). 

This is where you come in! Virgos tend to pay very close attention to the interests and hobbies of the people they love, and it makes them amazing gift-givers. This is your chance to return the favor! For instance, if you know your special person collects baseball cards, and they've always wanted a real Ted Williams signed card but won't shell out the money for it, if you can afford it, they'd lose their minds. If they are an avid hiker and have needed new gear for a few years now but keep repairing what they've got for the sake of practicality, go all out on a fancy new pack. 

While they might admonish you for spending too much on them for a brief moment, they will likely follow it up with a huge hug and childlike excitement over their new gift. And they will cherish it.

Virgos love nature

Virgos, being an earth sign, need to reconnect with nature to recharge and relax (via YourTango). They have an eye for natural beauty and deeply appreciate the peace and balance of the natural world. If you know and love a Virgo, you've likely noticed that they have a hobby that combines physical activity and nature in some form, wether they are hikers, runners, rowers, walkers, bikers, or swimmers. 

Moving their bodies and being surrounded by nature helps them to ground themselves and re-focus their always-busy minds. Consider your Virgo's favorite outdoor places and outdoor activities when choosing a present. Maybe you could book a weekend getaway to a beautiful place to camp, or take them to a serene beach where they can just lie in the sand and read, taking breaks to swim in the water and watch the sky. 

Bringing nature into their homes is a lovely idea, too. Maybe a gorgeous framed photograph of their favorite mountain range or a houseplant to keep it feeling like spring all year round. 

Virgos need a break

Virgos care deeply about helping those around them, both the people they know and love and the world at large (via Bustle). They absolutely embody the "acts of service" love language, and are likely to have careers and hobbies dedicated to making the world a better place. You might find Virgos in caring professions like teaching, nursing, patient care, doctoring, or social work. You might also meet Virgos who are first responders like police officers, firefighters, or EMTs. 

They also care about nature and animals, so don't be surprised if they make regular donations to an animal shelter or a wildlife protection agency, and if you are ever in their house, don't you dare throw recyclables into the trash. 

As partners, friends, and parents, Virgos regularly go above and beyond to make sure those they love feel safe, cared for, and attended to. All of this combined means this earth sign often overextends themselves in the service of others and has little time, energy, or love left to give to themselves. Encouraging them to turn that love inward is the kindest thing you can do for them. 

You could do this by taking care of all the chores they usually do and booking them a spa day, or by cooking them a beautiful meal and running a bath for them. It needn't be elaborate to make a big difference to your detail-oriented Virgo.