The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Leo

Leos, born between July 23 and August 22, are a fire sign ruled by the sun (via Allure), and if you have one close to you in your life, they are likely to command as much attention and shine as brightly as their ruling celestial body. Represented by the lion, Leos are the kings (and queens) of the zodiac. Their innate warmth, inherent leadership qualities, burning drive, and intense passions make them impossible to ignore. 

These traits also make them dynamic friends, passionate partners, and parents who lead by example. If you are lucky enough to love and be loved by a Leo, we don't have to tell you how brightly they shine. While they can be self-centered and egotistical, they are also deeply caring and loyal. They may roar loudly, but they purr loudly, too. 

Leos are not afraid to lavish those they love with affection, attention, and gifts, and they tend to expect the same level of loyalty, attention, and admiration that they dish out. So if you're stuck on what to get for the Leo who has everything (because they aren't shy about lavishing themselves with the very best as well), here are some great ideas!  

Leos like to know they matter

When you are someone important to a Leo, they give you their undivided attention when you are together. They'll remember every detail of what you tell them about yourself, your interests, your likes and dislikes. As such, they expect the same in return (via PureWow). It is really important to this fire sign to be shown that they not only matter to you, but that they rank tip top where it comes to importance in your life. The best way to show them this when it comes to gift-giving, is to give them something very, very personal that proves to them you were listening when they told you about that super-obscure thing they love that time. 

If once when you were out to dinner, they told you about a book they loved more than anything when they were a child? Gifting them a first edition of that book will make them light right up. If they told you their favorite song is "Little Red Corvette" by Prince, giving them an ornament shaped like a little red Corvette will make them smile. Leos don't need you to get them extravagant things (because they buy those for themselves anyway). They need gifts that prove you see and value them. 

Leos are passionate about their hobbies

Whatever your Leo loves to do in their free time, they love to do. They have lavish and specific tastes, so whatever they choose to do in their spare time, they likely do it with the best possible equipment and with flare (via Indian Astrology). For instance, if your Leo loves to mountain bike, they probably have a super-rare, very expensive bike by their most favorite brand. It might even be custom made. If they love to sing and have weekend gigs, they likely cart around the finest sound equipment and a very special microphone. 

It can be tough, therefore, to top whatever they've already bought for themselves where it comes to their hobbies, so instead, consider what you can give them to help support those hobbies themselves or take care of what they already have. For instance, for that mountain biker, consider a really nice bike maintainance toolkit or a personalized bike chain and lock. And for the singer? Put together a kit of throat-loving treats to help them keep their voice healthy in the winter months, like tea, local honey, a humidifier, and all-natural lozenges.  

Leos tend to be very active

Leos tend to be very active and creative; all that burning sun and fire energy has to go somewhere (via Times of India)! While they probably don't need any help planning adventures, as they are very driven, planning an adventure you can do together will be a lovely surprise for them, as they tend to automatically always fall into the planner/leader role. Choose an activity they like to do, and plan a day trip or a weekend away around it. 

If they love going to live concerts, find a show by a band they like in a new city, book a hotel, and plan a day of adventuring in this new place. If they like to mountain climb, find a spot they've never been and plan a trip. 

If they've got a solo adventure coming up that they've planned for themselves, you could give them something to get them even more excited and give them more ideas for what they can do. For instance, if they are heading to a particular national park, give them a beautiful coffee table photo book of the sights, a book about the history of the park they may not know, and a personalized water bottle for the hiking.   

Leos need to relax

Because Leos are always go, go, going, and they tend to take on leadership roles in all facets of their lives (work, hobbies, family), they can forget they need a little downtime for themselves, too. Even this fire sign can only burn so brightly and for so long before burning out if they don't recharge, refresh, and relax. 

While some signs prefer to relax by being absolutely still in a bubble bath, Leos like to relax by having fun (via Women's Health). The trick is that a lot of the things Leos consider fun end up becoming part of their obligations, like organizing and leading a group bike ride (rather than going off in the woods to ride alone). Help them to remember that it's okay to have fun without feeling obligated to help make sure others are also having fun. 

If they love to ski, give them a pass for one at their favorite mountain so they can go decompress by riding the slopes without having to lead anyone. If they have a favorite restaurant, book a date for just you and them at their most intimate table. If they like to write, give them a lovely journal so that they can jot down whatever they are inspired to without feeling the pressure of others reading it. Remind them that while many planets to revolve around the sun, the sun is worthy of enjoying its own light and warmth all on its own.