The Challenge Season 38: Release Date, Cast, And New Details

Since 1998 and throughout the course of an impressive 37 seasons, "The Challenge" (formerly called "Real World/Road Rules Challenge") has captivated audiences with intense physical competitions and interpersonal drama. Throughout its 37 seasons, all-stars from "The Challenge" and other reality television shows, like "Big Brother," "Survivor," and "Amazing Race," have appeared on the MTV show, per GQ. Each season of the show has a special theme, like "Rivals" or "Battle of the Exes" that help viewers distinguish one season from the next, according to E! Online.

Each series is filmed in a different intriguing location, like Iceland. As GQ reports, these interesting locations, coupled with the intense physical challenges (in one season, the contestants had to dive deep into the icy waters of Iceland to retrieve puzzle pieces with only a limited supply of oxygen) and captivating cast members, makes for one of the most beloved reality television shows of all time. "You push yourself past the limit, and you just do it because you have to," "The Challenge" host TJ Lavin told GQ earlier this year. "That's the direction we were trying to go. Having a show that's filled with drama is all well and good. There's a place for that, but competition shows are where it's at now."

Read on to find out more about the upcoming 38th season of "The Challenge."

When will the 38th season of "The Challenge" premiere?

Perhaps given the fact that the 37th season of "The Challenge," called "Spies, Lies and Allies," is still airing on MTV, the show's creators have yet to announce the fate of the reality show's 38th season, per Entertainment Weekly. Despite the fact that MTV has yet to announce anything regarding the 38th season of the show, gossip has been circulating about the filming of the upcoming season. A few months ago, a user on Reddit revealed that "The Challenge" spoiler guru PinkRose revealed that filming for the 38th season of the show had been delayed. The Reddit user also theorized that the third season of "The Challenge" Paramount+ spinoff, "The Challenge: All Stars," will also be filmed soon. "Also, the Paramount spinoff was being billed as 'Legends' or 'All Stars,' but from different Paramount networks," the Reddit user posted. "So, I'm thinking notable older alumni from 'Big Brother,' 'Survivor,' 'Amazing Race,' and the like, in addition to standouts from 'The Challenge.'"

A Reddit thread posted in December 2021 contains a screenshot in which PinkRose claimed that the 38th season of "The Challenge" will not begin filming until March 2022.

Who will be appearing in the 38th season of the show?

As previously mentioned, though the cast of each season has been different, typically, they have included past members of older seasons of "The Challenge," along with cast members from reality shows like "Big Brother," "Amazing Race," and "Love Island," per GQ. More than likely, TJ Lavin, a former professional BMX rider who has been hosting the show for the past 15 years, will return to host the upcoming season of "The Challenge."

"The Challenge" spoiler guru PinkRose claimed that "Big Brother" star Kyland Young will be appearing in the 38th season of the show, according to a Reddit thread, though that claim has not been confirmed by the show's creator.

In an Instagram post in November, "The Challenge" cast member Cory Wharton revealed that his young daughter's wish on a dandelion led to his decision to take a break from the show. "I just remember Ryder blowing on it and her saying 'I hope you don't go back on the challenge,'" Wharton said in the post. "And really at that moment I knew that I needed to take a break from the show. If my little four-year-old is sitting there telling me daddy I don't want you to go and my other one-year-old could barely even recognize me when I came home from double agents that's a sign."

According to Heavy, former cast member Tula "Big T" Fazakerley also revealed in an Instagram story that she would not be returning to "The Challenge" for some time in order to pursue other opportunities.

Former "The Challenge: All Stars" cast member Casey Cooper just got married

Last month, Casey Cooper, a former cast member on "The Challenge" and "The Challenge: All Stars," revealed that she had gotten married to her longtime boyfriend, Kyle Toups. The pair were married in an intimate ceremony at The Peach Orchard Venue in The Woodlands, Texas, per People. The public first met Cooper back in 2006 on the "Fresh Meat" season of "The Challenge" and, most recently, Cooper appeared in the second season of "The Challenge: All Stars," which is currently airing on Paramount+.

While many publications spoke highly of the romantic wedding between Cooper and Toups, "The Challenge" cast member revealed that a dramatic event took place just as she was exchanging vows with her husband. "[Not] mentioned in this article, but also worth noting is that one of our best friend's dress went up in flames in the middle of the ceremony," Cooper wrote in an Instagram post about the E! News article that contained details about her wedding.

In an earlier Instagram post, Cooper also revealed that she was expecting her first child with her now-husband. According to the Instagram post, the baby is due in March 2022.