The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Gemini

If you're lucky enough to be close to a Gemini, born between May 21 and June 20, you're likely very aware of the unending enthusiasm and warmth that this air sign brings to you life (via Allure). Geminis, represented by the twins in the zodiac, fit their symbol perfectly, as they would need two of themselves to be able to delve into everything that fascinates and excited them. 

This magnanimous sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, which means they often channel all of their abundant energy, enthusiasm, and care into conversation and connection with others. A Gemini can talk for hours with virtually anyone about virtually anything, but they especially love to connect over a mutual passion or impart wisdom onto others. They make great teachers (professionally and/or in their personal lives) for this reason.

Gemini gets a bad rap for being two-faced, but usually what's happening is they have so many interests and passions it can be hard for them to commit or follow-through longterm with projects or plans if they aren't reminded or kept accountable by outside forces or people. It isn't because they don't care; it's because they care so much about so much, things can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. 

They are amazing listeners and giving, caring people. So if you're wanting to spoil your Gemini this holiday, here are some ideas!    

Geminis are obsessed with their interests

The great thing about gift-giving for a Gemini, is they have so many passions and interests, there is always a plethora of things they would appreciate (via Prep Scholar). If they were able, they would blow their entire paycheck every month on things that help them learn more about an interest or take part in their latest hobby. Since the grown-up world doesn't allow that, getting something for them that they would love to get themselves is a great place to start. 

For instance, if their obsession this week is learning about the construction of the transcontinental railroad (Geminis love history), get them a book on the subject, rent or buy a movie about the time period to watch with them, and maybe throw in an authentic replica of an antique railroad spike in a glass case. Might sound crazy to you, but when they're into something, they are all in and will appreciate the immersive experience. 

If your Gemini has lately begun hosting trivia night at your local bar (they love love social scenes where they can entertain and have fun with a group of people), consider getting them some new equipment to spice up the experience. Maybe better sound gear or an LED light that can create all different atmospheres. In short, pay attention to whatever they're into right now (if you're close to them, they've probably talked your ear off about it already), and get them something related to it.  

Geminis like to keep busy

It is rare you see a Gemini just relaxing in silence; it's just not their style (via Elite Daily). Even their "relaxation time" usually involves an activity of some sort, whether it's a hike, playing a video game, or reading about an interest. Giving your Gemini something they can do when they have downtime (like they are headed on a long plane trip, or they tend to have hour-long lunch breaks at work), will always be appreciated. 

If you know they love words and wordplay, as most Geminis do, get them a book of word puzzles they can pull out of their bag when they're bored. If your Gemini just beat their favorite video game, do some research to find one they don't have that might match their interests. If they just finished a book series and are experiencing that sad post-book-slump where they miss the characters and story, talk to your local bookseller about finding a new book they'd like. 

Just knowing how your Gemini likes to keep busy will help you get ideas for what to give them to keep their minds and hands occupied.  

Geminis need help staying organized

Okay, as we mentioned earlier, Geminis sometimes get a bad rap for not being super reliable where it comes to remembering plans, birthdays, and other important dates, and for jumping between projects and passions a lot (via Your Tango). Often, this frustrates them almost as much as it frustrates those who love them. Helping them stay organized in a way that is fun for them is not only helpful for a Gemini, but they'll enjoy getting their "stuff" together if they can do it in a way that speaks to them and doesn't feel like a chore. 

Geminis tend to love games, so if yours is having trouble keeping themselves accountable to a personal goal (whether it's writing a book, keeping to an exercise regimen, etc.) find a way to make it a scorekeeping game for them. For instance, if it's writing, get them signed up for something like NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) which offers all sorts of interactive games and schedules to keep folks writing a certain number of words a day. 

If it's a workout they're trying to keep to, introduce them to something like Zombies, Run!, which is an app that turns their daily jog into a post-apocalyptic adventure in which they are the main character of an epic battle against the undead. 

You could also consider a beautiful leather-bound journal for them to get their thoughts and ideas into or a planner decorated with a theme they would love. 

Geminis love adventures

Geminis love adventures and will try almost anything once (via Elite Daily). Everything from trying the world's hottest pepper to skydiving to snorkeling might appeal to a Gemini. If you propose almost anything, they are likely to say, "Why not? Let's give it a shot." This makes them ridiculously fun to be around. Most Geminis wish they had more time and opportunity for adventure, so planning something fun or wild or crazy you could do together is likely to bring the very best out of your person. If you can combine it with an interest or passion they already have, even better. 

If they love books and libraries, take them on a book tour of your favorite city, going into major, magical libraries and tiny hole-in-the-wall used bookshops. If they love history, take them on a historic tour somewhere, like the Boston Freedom Trail or through the historic parts of Philadelphia or New York. If they love the outdoors, plan a hiking and camping trip somewhere they've never been. 

You are likely to see them absolutely light up the way Geminis do when they are faced with something that excites them, and that is the best gift of all.