What You Really Need To Know About A Russian Manicure

Nothing quite epitomizes having a self-care moment and treating yourself like getting a manicure. It's something we all do (though, not as often as we'd like), and it's about so much more than just topping up your nail color. Manicures are about carving out some much-needed you time as much as they are about carving up your nails. Sure, the results are mostly what gets you there, but it's all about wanting to feel your best with a fresh new set of nails, whether you opt for a classic manicure or go full acrylics. 

Pampering yourself and taking the time to relax, clear your head, and have a professional tend to you is what makes it all worth the added cost rather than doing your own rush nail paint job. It seems like every day your favorite nail account is posting some new trend. From dainty lines and jewels to a full on over the top nail art — there's no shortage of choices when it comes to getting your nails done (via Vogue). However, instead of focusing on switching up your nail look next time, what about trying an entirely new manicure method? 

Russian manicures are all about detail and precision

Whatever result you're going for, whether you want a luxury or simple experience, every manicure is essentially the same at the end of the day. So, when a new method comes around that promises insane attention to detail and better results, it's no wonder it's become a viral trend that celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber have become obsessed with (via The Moscow Times).

Grazia spoke with the founder of LA's nail salon Minx Nails, Kamola Malikova, all about the Russian manicure trend that people can't stop talking about. Sometimes referred to as "dry," the Russian manicure is about taking a more intricate and timely approach to achieving the perfect end result. This manicure takes an hour and a half as opposed to the usual 45 minutes, because of how precise the nail technicians are. 

Malikova broke down the steps: An electric drill head is used to break down gel polish as well as removing skin around nail beds. Malikova specified, "If it's not overgrown, we don't touch it." Your cuticle then gets cleaned and the nail gets buffed with another drill head until it becomes shiny. Lastly, your nail will get shaped and painted with gel polish with a detailed brush, and finished off with the usual UV light. 

While it all sounds similar to a classic manicure, the difference is the extra time and precision given to each step. The method is so intricate that during training, technicians practice on grapes and balloons!