The Best Way To Turn Your White Boots Into A Fashion Statement

Right before our eyes, the white boot has transformed from trendy to timeless. Once a novelty piece, they are now a staple on the fashion scene. White boots can either be the centerpiece of an outfit or a subtle statement, but either way, they are sure to ooze major fashion cred. The popular style can be seen anywhere from fashion week to the city streets, giving us ample styling inspiration. Whether you lean towards an edgy modern style or prefer a more feminine look, there's a white boot for everyone.

If you are ready to trade in your boring black, brown, and cognac booties, now's the time to jump on this trend that we think is here to stay. You can update your wardrobe with sleek, western, or chunky combat styles that will instantly update any outfit. But how to style them exactly? Lucky for you, we've compiled the best ways to turn your white boots into a fashion statement.

Make a neutral statement with monochrome

Monochrome outfits have been everywhere the past few seasons. Usually, in neutral tones, the style has been spotted on celebrities like Hailey Bieber and the streets of Paris (via StyleCaster). Fashionista Katie Giorgadze (pictured above) recently wore high waist cream colored denim by Girlfriend with white leather split-toe Tabi ankle boots from Maison Martin Margiela (via Getty). This look is 100% a fashion statement, but subtle enough that you won't attract too much attention. White boots just don't stand out as much when worn with other neutral tones.

Style blogger Jessica Camerata shared the best way to wear a white monochrome outfit after summer, surmising, "When you wear white in the fall and winter, just keep in mind fabrics. This look totally works when done in fall knits, silks and wool. Leave the summer fabrics for summer!" The archaic thought that you can't wear white after Labor Day is long gone. It's chicer than ever to wear the non-color in winter, whether monochrome or just a pop on your feet.

White boots gone western are here to stay

Cowboy boots are a classic, especially if you live in the western part of the United States. There are plenty of new styles being made today, but the best white cowboy boots are definitely vintage. Trendsetters attending Art Basel in Miami, Florida, seem to agree. One attendee (pictured above) was seen donning a pair of white vintage fringe boots with a pleated midi dress. Style blogger Jessica Camerata loves the look too, writing, "It's a unique twist that just works. Cowboy boots for fall work well with the juxtaposition of a feminine dress."

Searching for the perfect pair of vintage western boots may take a bit more effort, but the perks are worth it. Buying second-hand avoids contributing to the overly polluting fashion industry, and pre-loved pieces are usually found at a lower price than new ones. So not only are you helping the environment, you are saving money too. In general, shoes and apparel made more than 20 years ago were also crafted with more attention to detail, resulting in a higher quality product. Lastly, you'll own a unique piece of history that is truly one of a kind — a factor that's important to true style setters.

Chunky white combat boots make a modern statement

Combat boots have been having their moment for a while, so it only feels natural to combine these two amazing trends into one must-have boot. This oversized look is the most modern and edgy white boot of them all and can take time to get used to, but speaking from experience, once you try them, you'll be addicted. The chunky Chelsea boots by Dior, pictured above, were recently seen on model Sonia Lyson on the streets in Rome. Her white boots popped when paired with black pants, making a bold yet contemporary fashion statement.

There's even more to love about the chunky white boot. They are incredibly comfortable, pair surprisingly well with everything from high-waisted jeans to slip dresses, and are sturdy enough to knock around or even wear in the snow. Thankfully, you don't need to wear designer to participate in this trend. Styles by Marc Fisher and Sam Edelman give you the look for a lower price. However, no less chic.