Days Of Our Lives Holiday Episodes Fans Couldn't Get Enough Of

"Days of Our Lives" fans know that the holidays are always a very special time in Salem. In addition to the obvious drama that the long-running soap opera delivers to fans on a daily basis, the holidays are also filled with heartwarming moments for all the families around the fictional town. Of course, the most beloved tradition is the Horton Christmas party, where the members of the prominent family gather at the Horton house to hang their personalized ornaments on the tree and remember those loved ones who are no longer with them, as noted by Jason 47.


According to's recap, during a 1966 episode of the NBC sudser, it was revealed that Tom Horton's mother made the original seven ornaments for the tree, which were adorned with the names Tom and Alice, as well as their children, Mickey, Bill, Addie, Marie, and Tommy. Since that time, every member of the Horton family, as well as some honorary members, have gotten their very own ornament to hang on the tree each year. The yearly tradition has now become an eagerly-awaited staple for all "Days of Our Lives" fans.

Over the years there have been many memorable holiday episodes of "Days," and fans definitely have their favorite moments.

Tom and Alice Horton remain a staple of every Horton family Christmas gathering

During the year 2000's Christmas episode of "Days of Our Lives," fans got a treat when Alice Horton (Francis Reid) got to see the ghost of her late husband, Tom Horton (MacDonald Carey), per TV Fanatic. Flashbacks were used to suggest that Tom's ghost was there with Alice as she missed him during the holiday season — and this quasi-reunion took place during a special tradition. SoapCentral recalled in their recap, "Alice imagines talking with Tom as the family members place their special ornaments on the tree." The episode was a touching one and reminded viewers of the Christmases of "Days" past.


So many of the holiday-themed episodes centered around Tom and Alice Horton, so things were never really the same after they were both gone. Following Alice's death on the show, it was Doug and Julie Williams who took over as the Horton family elders. The couple planned and hosted the annual Christmas party, but the first celebration following Alice's death was a tough one for the family, especially when they hung Alice and Tom's ornaments on the tree.

Christmas 2001 featured a very special tribute

During the holiday season of 2001, the United States was still healing after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. The country looked to celebrate its first Christmas since the shocking and awful attack and "Days of Our Lives" paid tribute in their own way. TV Fanatic reports that the soap opera used special ornaments on the trees to honor the first responders. The cast members also spent the episode speaking to the audience as themselves while sharing flashbacks of their favorite Christmas episodes. Finally, at the end of the episode, the cast members got back into their characters in order to wish their viewers a very happy holiday season. As one fan wrote on IMDb, "It was a tear-jerker to some and it was wonderful."


While that time was hard for many around the country, "Days" found a way to pay tribute to those who were impacted most by the tragedy while trying to offer up a bit of Christmas cheer.

Creepy Christmas storylines of the past

While many of the holiday-themed episodes on "Days of Our Lives" have been filled with warm and fuzzy moments, there have also been some downright spooky and sad Christmas memories in Salem. One particular Christmas in 1994 likely stands out in many fans' minds. Not only was the Christmas episode the first following the death of actor MacDonald Carey and his character Tom Horton, but it was also the episode that Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), possessed by the devil, began to levitate from her bed. The moment is now known as one of the most iconic in the soap's history, and TVFanatic was sure to include it on their roundup of best Horton family Christmas episodes.


2015 was another tough Christmas for many Salem citizens. That year, multiple beloved characters died in a serial killer storyline that also involved Marlena. When Christmastime rolled around Doug encouraged his family members to celebrate the holidays as best as they could despite the tragedy. As SoapCentral recounted, he also made younger members of the Horton family, JJ and Abigail Deveraux, promise "to continue the family tradition after the older generations passed on — if not in the Horton house in Salem, then wherever they happened to be living at that time."

"Days of Our Lives" fans often look forward to the Christmas episode each year, and whether it's full of drama, sadness, or heartwarming moments, it tends to be one of the best shows of the year.