Deidre Hall Speaks Out On Rumors Of Trouble With Lisa Rinna

Deidre Hall's "Days of Our Lives" character, Marlena Evans, is one of the soap opera's most iconic characters. Over the past four decades, Marlena has been through it all. She's suffered heartbreaking lows and incredible highs, and the character has even had some spooky storylines. In addition to being possessed by the devil twice, Marlena was also the Salem Stalker, a serial killer who was thought to murder several beloved Salem residents, per Soap Central.

"I think she has grown with American women," Hall told the Toronto Star of her character. "Women were not in every marketplace, every executive office ... Marlena herself has evolved ... has more agency," she said, revealing that she believes "DOOL" has kept up with the passing of time well. "The show moves with the times," she stated.

It seems that Hall has been happy at "Days of Our Lives" over the years, and she's even made some good friends. However, there have been bumps in the road, like the recent rumor of bad blood between her and her co-star Lisa Rinna.

Deidre Hall sets the record straight

According to She Knows Soaps, Deidre Hall is setting the record straight about her rumored tiff with co-star Lisa Rinna. Rinna recently reprised her "Days of Our Lives" role as Billie Reed for the show's limited series spin-off "Beyond Salem," and Hall claims she was thrilled to work with her former co-star and friend again, despite the untrue rumors.

"There is absolutely no truth to it," Hall said, revealing that she's a big fan of Rinna. "She is funny, she's irreverent, she's always professional, and I'm crazy about her," Hall explained. However, the actress did say that she believes she knows why and how the rumor got started. Hall admitted that she was so thrilled to see all of her former castmates on the set of "Beyond Salem" that things got a bit out of control on set and the director had to shout at the cast to keep it down. "I hadn't seen her in a long time... and I was so excited talking to her that the director had to keep starting every direction with 'OK, shut up!' And that was it," Hall said. "Somehow in somebody's convoluted imagination," she continued, "that became a problem with Lisa and myself. It's total nonsense."

Thankfully, there doesn't seem to be any issues between Hall and Rinna, and fans are hoping to see them together on screen again in the future.