The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Capricorn

Ah, Capricorn. If you are lucky enough to have one in your life, you've likely long been aware of the loving, loyal, focused energy they bring to the world (via Allure). This earth sign, born between December 22 and January 19, is represented by a sea goat, which has the tail of a fish and the front half of a goat. While this might sound odd, it actually makes perfect sense when you consider that this sign is equally adept at navigating the tangible, material world (earth) and the world of emotions (water). In fact, while other earth signs are very much grounded in the physical world, Capricorns are quite amphibious in this way. 


As such, these folks make loyal, dedicated friends, partners, and parents who are excellent at managing both the day-to-day tasks or living a well-organized and purposeful life, and analyzing, understanding, and coping with the emotional side of things. They are wonderful listeners who can offer support that is both practical and sensitive. They always seem to know just the right thing to say or do for the people they care about. If you are hoping to return the favor this holiday season, here are some great gifting ideas for your beloved Capricorn!   

Capricorns love practicality

Being an earth sign, Capricorns are highly organized and practical where it comes to their physical, tangible worlds and lives (via Well and Good). As such, they tend to be fans of things that help them keep their lives in good working order. Building someone a new book case, buying them a pretty planner, or replacing the old, mismatched pantry containers with brand new matching glass ones might seem like un-romantic presents, but your Capricorn would love you for them.


If your Capricorn works from home these days, helping to create a well-organized, cozy, personalized and dedicated workspace for them will change their worlds for the better. If your Capricorn is the cook of their household, a new, matching set of kitchen tools would be appreciated. If they have a hobby like crafting (Caps love to keep their hands busy), creating a new organization system in their craft room or buying them supplies they'd love to use will make their day. If they love to ski, a new parka or new ski boots would be an amazing gift.  

Capricorns are always, always trying to improve the functionality and practicality of every facet of their lives, so helping them to do that will create a sense of peace for them that they will appreciate for a long time. 


Capricorns need reminding to take care of themselves

Capricorns are highly caring and highly ambitious, which means they are usually all-in and hyper-dedicated both at home and at work (via Times of India). While this means their families, friends, and coworkers can always count on them, the downside is Caps often neglect their own needs and well being in pursuit of showing up for everyone and everything else. If you love them, you might often find yourself reminding them to check in with themselves and to turn some of that boundless love and dedication inward. But chances are, while they appreciate and love you for caring, they probably just keep plowing ahead. 


Take this season of giving as an opportunity to make them a self-care offer they can't refuse. Book them a day at a spa, buy them a basket of their favorite bath time essentials and run the tub, or give them a gift card to their most favorite store and then take them there for an afternoon of shopping and pampering. Make a reservation for their favorite restaurant and take them to dinner, making sure there's a sitter lined up for the kids so they don't have to worry about a thing. 

Help your Capricorn fill their own cup, because they are so often pouring themselves dry for the sake of others.  

Capricorns love to learn

As we mentioned before, Capricorns are highly driven and ambitious (via Pure Wow). Interestingly, this doesn't come from a place of wanting to step on others to get ahead. Rather, they appreciate excellence and intelligence, and they wish to demonstrate both in their professional careers. They want to be respected and valued, but they expect to fully earn that respect. Whatever their chosen volition, Caps want to learn and learn and learn how to ever improve at their endeavors. 


Similarly, they are equally dedicated to their hobbies and interests that don't necessarily rake in any money. This is where gift-giving can come in. If you know your Capricorn is obsessed with the American Revolutionary War, invest in a few hardcover books on the subject or plan a trip to a battlefield or other relevant historic place they've never been. If they love photography, a new camera or new accessories would be greatly valued. 

If your Capricorn loves to garden, getting them a book about how to start seeds over the winter so they can keep their green thumb on point in the "off season" would be greatly appreciated. Whatever ignites your Capricorn's passions is likely something they want to learn more and more and more about. Give them something to satiate that bottomless interest.   


Capricorns love to play

You know that old adage, "work hard, play hard"? Well, it was probably written about Capricorns. As serious, ambitious, and grounded as Capricorns are, all that organizing and working and striving to be better can get pretty taxing, and they need a break. When they take a break, they can let loose better than even the fire signs. They are known to be mischievous, so much so that they are represented by the Devil Card in the Tarot deck (via Allure). Now don't get us wrong: these babes don't have a cruel or evil bone in their bodies. But they do know how to get wild. 


If your Capricorn has been working their tail off, take them dancing. Invite them over for cocktails and get all dressed up to take tequila shots like you did when you were 21. Go out in the city for the night, or plan a trip to somewhere fun where you can let loose together and they can leave all the organizing and ambition behind.