Royal Expert Says The Queen's Gift To Kate Middleton Sent A Message To Meghan Markle

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently made a public appearance to attend the Together At Christmas community carol service at Westminster Abbey, and fans couldn't keep their eyes off of Kate. 

The Duchess of Cambridge looked stunning in a red coat dress by Catherine Walker, but it was her jewelry that garnered the most attention (via Express). Kate was wearing a gorgeous pair of sapphire and diamond earrings that were reportedly lent to her by Queen Elizabeth. The earrings show just how much the queen trusts Kate, who will become the future queen consort when William eventually takes the throne. 

In November 2021, the queen also loaned her personal vehicle, a Bentley, so that William and Kate could attend the Remembrance Sunday event in style. The car will also be passed down to the Cambridges when William begins his reign as king.

It appears that Elizabeth's gifts show just how trusting she is of both William and Kate. However, one royal expert claims that the queen's generosity toward Kate may also be sending a subtle message to Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle.

Is Queen Elizabeth favoring Kate Middleton to show Meghan Markle what she's missing?

After Kate Middleton stepped out wearing a stunning pair of earrings lent to her by Queen Elizabeth, people began to talk about the relationship between the two women. 

Royal expert Daniela Elser weighed in with her thoughts about what the gift really meant, especially where Meghan Markle is concerned (via The Sun). She claims that getting to wear the royal jewels isn't something Meghan got to enjoy during her time in the royal family before she and Prince Harry announced their exit in early 2020.

"While the former actress might own pieces which had belonged personally to Diana, Princess of Wales, getting to frock up in some enormous sparklers from the royal trove was a perk she never enjoyed," Elser told The situation now has royal fans feeling that Kate is far more trusted by the queen than Meghan ever was.

It seems that Elizabeth and Kate do share a special bond and that the monarch is very fond of her grandson's wife. Of course, Elizabeth knows that Kate will one day become queen consort, so perhaps she's taken the young royal under her wing in hopes of imparting important family traditions and protocol.