Are Ohora Nail Kits Worth It?

Professional manicures have become something of a rarity during the pandemic, but thankfully there were plenty of tutorials and kits to keep hands busy. But as simple as the instructions may seem, it takes a special talent to perfect the art of manicuring. Thankfully though, some were able to scour the internet for some genius finds — including a specific at-home gel manicure kit made by Ohora.

Originating from South Korea, Ohora is a brand dedicated to semi-cured gel nails which they describe as a "state-of-the-art nail technology." The difference between semi-cured gel and regular nail polish is that gel nails "are flexible and wearable for all nail shapes," according to the brand, and will "completely harden like salon-quality nails upon curing" with a UV lamp.

Ohora captured the attention of many on social media (via YouTube), and quickly became a pandemic craze. So much so that the brand is now preparing to open their first warehouses in the U.S., per Facebook, so shipping will be even quicker than before. But are Ohora nail kits really worth it?

Get a professional nail look at home

Judging by reviews for the kit, it would seem they are totally worth it. According to Cool Mom Picks, Ohora offer a variety of kits with a focus on jewel-encrusted designs and metallic inlays. Obviously, there are your typical block colors to choose from — usually pastel — but as the blog describes, the brand "is all about the bling."

As for the kits themselves, they come with 30 nail strips of pre-cured nail gel that you adhere to your natural nail. You then complete the curing process under a UV light which comes with the kit. According to YouTuber Cristina Viseu, this at-home manicure "is supposed to last two to four weeks and be equivalent to a gel manicure at a salon." As for the quality, Viseu says the nails are super easy to apply and look "salon ready" by the time they're cured (via YouTube). 

In terms of whether it's worth it, Cool Mom Picks writes that the kits are "easy to use, yields nice-looking results, and is very affordable" — especially in terms of how much a professional manicure can cost. And as Input writes, the "simplicity also makes them perfect for anyone who desires cute nail art but can't actually do a good job of achieving their own."