Why The '90s Were A Rough Decade For Mike Holmes

These days, Canadian TV personality Mike Holmes is known as the man who can "make it right" no matter how desperate a project might seem. The crazy, true story of how he ended up on TV is legendary at this stage, but it's worth noting that, despite the fact Holmes was clearly born to be a HGTV stalwart, his journey to getting there has been tough at times. After all, the "Holmes on Homes" lead is a college dropout who, despite his own self-belief, still can't quite understand why he's so beloved. 

In a 2018 interview, Reader's Digest Canada noted Holmes had been ranked the third most-trusted celebrity in the world, behind A-listers Morgan Freeman and Ron Howard. In reliably humble fashion, he responded, "It did make me wonder. I'm just some contractor from Canada. I guess it means that people believe in what I believe in." 

Holmes has been through a lot and he's more than earned his spot as a fan favorite. In particular, the '90s were a difficult period for the lovable builder. 

Mike Holmes suffered several setbacks during the decade

The '90s have been enjoying a massive resurgence, particularly when it comes to fashion (per Cosmopolitan). But for HGTV star Mike Holmes, it's a decade best forgotten. As TV Overmind details, the "Holmes Makes It Right" lead endured the breakup of his marriage and the loss of both his parents during the same 10-year period. Likewise, the encroaching economic recession heavily impacted his business, leaving Holmes on the brink of destruction. Thankfully, it wasn't all bad, as the Canadian subsequently met long-time partner Anna Zappia and the two really hit it off. They're still together to this day, though little is publicly known about the couple.

The Cinemaholic credits Zappia with encouraging Holmes to get into television when the opportunity first presented itself, in fact. She also helped him rebuild his struggling business. The HGTV fan favorite has three children from his previous marriage to Alexandra Lorax; Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr., all of whom work with their father, with Sherry and Mike Jr. even regularly popping up on Holmes's various reality shows. It might have taken him a while to get properly situated, but the hard-working Canadian has finally found his footing.