How Christine Quinn Feels About Her Rocky Relationship With Heather Rae Young

The highly-anticipated fourth season of "Selling Sunset" more than delivered on drama. Netflix's hit reality show about real estate property, life, and love in Los Angeles was released in one complete, binge-able installment, but as Express notes, some of the biggest shocks were saved for the finale. After an entire season in which the show's "villain," Christine Quinn, was talked about by the rest of the crew, she finally confronted them at a party, per Express. One of the first people to try to work things out with Quinn was her frenemy Heather Rae Young, who married fellow reality star Tarek El Moussa in October 2021.

According to Express, Young told her, "All of us girls want to talk to you and just clear the air with everything." But when Quinn insisted that she was "good," it drove Young to her breaking point. The cameras scurried to follow her, as she stormed out of the party with El Moussa in tow. It was a fitting end to the season, which highlighted how Quinn had been ostracized from the rest of the group. But as the reality star told ET Canada, there may have been a good reason behind her actions. "I was pregnant on top of dealing with postpartum depression," Quinn explained, adding that it was "extremely hurtful" to see how her experience played out onscreen. At this point, fans are wondering whether Quinn will even appear in Season 5 of "Selling Sunset." As for where she stands with Young these days, Quinn isn't sure where things went wrong.

Christine Quinn and Heather Rae Young drifted apart

As Christine Quinn admitted to People in September 2021, her relationship with co-star Heather Rae Young gradually broke down over time. "We just started seeing each other less and less and less, and she became closer with Mary [Fitzgerald] and Chrishell [Stause], who obviously has opinions about me," Quinn explained. "I was really hurt because Heather and I were so close. She was like a sister to me." Although Quinn and Fitzgerald started the show as BFFs who lived together, Quinn actually felt that she and Young were the closest out of everybody. Speaking to People, Quinn added that she "knew more about Heather in five minutes than I did with Mary living with her in six months. So I think that's the hard part for me is that we were so close, and we don't even know why we drifted apart." 

In Season 3, ScreenRant reported that Young accompanied Quinn wedding dress shopping. But when it came time for Young's own nuptials, Quinn was cut out of the bridal shower and wedding itself, per People. The outlet notes that Young also made disparaging comments about Quinn becoming a mother. Fans of the outspoken diva shouldn't expect to see much of her around the office going forward, since Quinn prefers to do her work from home. Unfortunately, "I think by not physically being there ... I slowly started getting phased out of the group," she told People.